Invitation to KJSCE CodeSpree 2020

Following up on our last year’s contest , KJSCE CodeCell presents CodeSpree with CodeChef as Programming Partner

The contest will last for 3 hours. It will be an ACM-ICPC style contest. It will start on 18th October 2020 at 17:00 hours IST.

Anyone can participate in this contest. This is a pre-event to Crackathon, which is an event, conducted during the annual tech fest Abhiyantriki  of KJ Somaiya College Of Engineering (KJSCE).

Cash Prizes worth Rs. 3,000/- and laddus to be won!
Also, top 15 performers from India, get direct entry to the final round of Crackathon
And they will get a chance to win grand prizes and goodies at Crackathon!

Contest link:

You can register here 
Join the Facebook page here 

Note: Only Indian participants are eligible for cash prizes or to get selected to onsite final round of Crackathon.


Hoping to see interesting problems!

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