Invitation to KJSCE CodeSpree 2019

Following up on our last year’s contest, KJSCE CodeCell presents CodeSpree with CodeChef as Programming Partner

The contest will last for 3 hours. It will be an ACM-ICPC style contest. It will start on 29th September 2019 at 21:00 hours IST.

Anyone can participate in this contest. This is a pre-event to Crackathon, which is an event, conducted during the annual tech fest Abhiyantriki of KJ Somaiya College Of Engineering (KJSCE).

Cash Prizes worth Rs. 3,000/- and laddus to be won!
Also, top 15 performers from Mumbai region, get direct entry to the final round of Crackathon
And they will get a chance to win grand prizes and goodies at Crackathon!

Contest link:

You can register here
Join the Facebook page here

Note: Only Indian participants are eligible for cash prizes or to get selected to onsite final round of Crackathon.


Looking forward to the contest.

ICPC practice begins right from here🔥

@shivam_1708 Is it a team contest :thinking: .

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Looking forward to the contest!!

Support,and also looking forward to the contest. :smile:

When is the onsite round ? 5th or 6th Oct ?

@nagpaljatin141 No. It’s an individual-based contest.
Crackathon would be team-based

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@spam_123 the onsite contest is on 11th Oct

Eagerly waiting for the contest to begin…!!

It seems you have updated test cases now, since my previous wrong answer solution is giving ac now…request you to rejudge all solutions so that first ac counts(for question “first number”)

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I can’t even access the contest page now. :roll_eyes:


I’m already half way through the contest and I’m restricted to participate now. The message is as follows. Please respond asap.

“Attention: Sorry, you are not allowed to access this contest as it is restricted. Please contact the contest organizer to access this contest.”

Yes I am also facing same problem

i was doing the challenege as soon as i submitted my solution and moved to next question . i was interupted by message that you are not allowed to this content please contact organisers please help me out

The issue has been fixed just now.

Thank you for the message. I resubmitted the same code again and it’s AC now. They are yet to rejudge the submissions I think.

We have rejudged all the submissions now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

@akshay_07cf @korusuke , Please look into it .

When will we receive the prize?

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