Invitation to RECode 25.0 [Editorial Update]


Greetings CodeChef Community!

Luffy with the help of his pirate crew is out on a mission to become The Pirate King. He needs to decipher the poneglyphs to reach the final island and claim the greatest treasure, The One Piece. But to do that, he needs to solve some questions.

RECursion brings you RECode 25.0 — a competitive programming contest, open to everyone around the globe.

The contest will start on January 30 2023 at 9:00 PM IST. Contest duration is 2 hours and you will have 6 problems to solve.

So programmers, brace yourselves to help Luffy on his epic pirate journey!

We are also giving away prizes for top performers of our contest as follows :

  • Cash prize of Rs 3000 for the Top Performer overall.
  • Cash prize of Rs 2000 for the Top Performer from NIT Durgapur.
  • Certificates for all top performers.

Regarding any queries, please contact :
Rick : +91 8016814706
Onkar : +91 9307559845

RECursion wholeheartedly invites you to take part in RECode 25.0!

Happy Coding :))

UPD: The problems have been moved to the practice section and editorials are out! Have a look at them at:



Thank you for participating in the contest, the editorials will be published soon!

Please open the problems for practice submissions.

where did you post the editorials, actually i wanted to know how to solve 4th question.
Ancient tree

CodeChef takes time to move the Qs to practice section, please wait until then :slight_smile:

The editorials will be out shortly!

Thanks bro!
Nice questions and great editorials.

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