Invitation to the Montgomery Blair Informatics Tournament 2020 Online Round

Hey everyone!

My school is hosting an online informatics tournament! It will start on Sunday, June 7, 1:00 PM EDT and last for 3 hours. See your timezone here.

If you’re interested, please register at Teams of up to 4 are allowed! Anyone can compete, but only teams of US high school (or middle school) students can win Amazon gift cards for prizes:

  • $50 per person for 1st place in Advanced Division

  • $25 per person for 1st place in Standard Division, 2nd place in Advanced Division, and 3rd place in Advanced Division

More information:

Most of the necessary information (including the scoring system) is available on our website, linked above.

There are two divisions: standard and advanced. The standard division has roughly the same difficulty as a Div. 3 round on Codeforces, and the advanced division will be slightly easier than a Div. 1 cook-off/lunchtime here (according for teams).

There’s a parallel post on Codeforces, see here. On this post you can find last year’s problems, solutions, and places to submit them.

Message me (here or on Codeforces) or email if you have any other questions!

UPDATE: we know about the server issues. The contest will be extended. If you never got to the problems, they are here:


UPDATE 2: The contest is extended to 1 hour after the original ending time.

Final update for posterity: editorials and places to submit for our problems, along with (yet another) apology note, are on the Codeforces post (you will need an account).

  1. What is the deadline for registration?
  2. Where will the contest be hosted?
  1. Registration will be open before and during the contest
  2. The contest will be hosted on (currently, the registration link on our site will take you there). I will comment on the post before the start of the contest to reiterate this.

Just curious any plans to add this contest at once its over?
Edit -

I guess you should mention prizes in the announcement post.


Me and @hackxsaras are a team. We are looking for two more teammates (school students are preferred). Anyone who is intereseted, please reply quickly so that we can finish the registration.
Thank you.

Possibly not the gym, but we’ll at least add places to submit on codeforces after the contest (this includes for last year, too).

Good point about the prizes, thanks! Added.

Wow, I’m excited!

Just reminding! (IST)

22:30 – Montgomery Blair Informatics Tournament 2020 Online Round

Reminder: the contest has started at!

It is showing Servor 500 Error

@galencolin Me and my teammates getting 500 server error. Please look into this.

@sudheerays123 @anon53253486 We are aware and trying to fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for this.


Where do we submit the code ?

Please just work on the problems for now (and store solutions locally if necessary). We will fix the server ASAP and you’ll be able to submit.

If it becomes absolutely necessary, we’ll post the contest to Codeforces and you’ll be able to submit there.


Few teams have already submitted !??

The website is inconsistent, and people who are lucky are able to get in and make submissions. You’re welcome to try, but we can’t guarantee that it’ll work. I will, of course, notify you when we get it fully working.

The contest will be extended to account for this, but again we are sorry.

Also, there should be some updates sent via email if you can see them.

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@galencolin the server issue has been resolved. Where do we submit the solutions?

When it works, you should have a “Problems” tab on the left where you can see a submissions interface. However, we don’t think it’s fully resolved yet.

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@galencolin my submission looks like this. It has been happening for the past 10 minutes. Is it normal?

Sorry, they are currently not being graded successfully. However, we (think) we now know the issue and are fixing it.

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