IPC Camp 2016 videos private

Hi, I’m trying to view the Indian Programming Community Camp 2016 videos (also called Snackdown Training Camp 2016) but all the videos are made private.

Here are codechef blogs containing links to the youtube videos (which are now private):

Does anyone know how we can access those videos? Are they a part of some unacademy course?

Hey, I believe the YouTube video links present in the google sheet are Indian Programming Community Camp 2017 (not 2016).

Here are the lecture videos for 2016 which are now private.

Day 1:
Persistence segment tree with its applications and merge sort tree. By Sergey Kulik
Fast Fourier Transform and its applications. By Kevin Charles Atienza
Max flow with its applications. By Anudeep Nekkanti
Zeta Function and its applications to optimizations in dynamic programming. By Arjun Arul
Centroid decomposition and use of reflections in some combinatorial problems. By Akashdeep Nain

Day 2:
Sqrt decomposition, By Sergey Kulik
Dynamic connectivity problems and their applications, By Sergey Kulik
Chinese Remainder Theorem, By Praveen Dhinwa
Introduction of Algebra, By Kevin Charles Atienza
Mobius inversion and related sums, By Kevin Charles Atienza

Adding Day 3 videos in the next post since I am limitted to 10 links per reply

Many of these videos are pure gold, they had quite a lot of views as well.
It would be great for the community to have the videos public again please.

Here are the Indian Programming Community Camp/Snackdown Training Camp 2016 videos for day 3:

Aho Corasick algorithm and its applications, By Sergey Kulik
Biconnectivity and Applications, By Tanuj Khattar
Combinatorics, By Kevin Charles Atienza
Geometry, By Kevin Charles Atienza
Finding maximum length anti chains in partially ordered sets, By Arjun Arul

Again, would be great to have these videos made public as well

Gentle ping - @admin could you please help with making these videos accessible.

Hi, thanks for pointing this out. We’ll search for these. It’ll probably take a while though. Will update here within a couple of weeks.

Can @admin make videos from https://blog.codechef.com/2016/08/03/lectures-from-indian-coding-camp/ public again? They are one of the best resources i know and I would really like to revisit them.

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Gentle Reminder @admin.
Pretty sure these videos should be present in your youtube studio (where each one of them are easily searchable by link) given they are just set to private.

Any updates?

can you tell us when can we expect these videos to be made public again @admin?

They’ve been re-uploaded with the links here - IPC Camps YT Links - Public - Google Sheets

Please let us know if something is still missing.