Is cook109 is unrated?

Now it’s the whole night and ratings haven’t updated yet. Is this contest rated ?


There is no such announcement from their side .

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It is a rated contest. If it was unrated it would have been mentioned in the contest page announcements.
Sometimes it takes 2-3 days to update ratings.


@vijju123, @admin please tell us why have the ratings not been updated yet or if they are actually going to update?

I will be able to confirm it around EoD today. Will try. Remind me if I dont update you by 7pm.


Is it because of problem ‘WARRIOR’?

maybe! did you solved that problem ?

There was a lot of problems during contest like lot of time for submissions and 505 Error. Is it still rated ? During contest , Warriors Problem yet to be tested !! What is this ? I made lot of submissions for this problem.Won’t it increase my penalty and my time I spent over this question during contest ??
Please Consider this !!

For things like this, I prefer you mail the team. If your issue is genuine, they will take it on a case-by-case basis.

I sent a mail to @admin

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It is almost 7pm :stuck_out_tongue: @vijju123

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What did they said ?

As of now, it is rated. Discussions are still going on so I cannot say anything more concrete right now.


Thank you! :blush:
You should make a post in DISCUSS. Many users are eagerly waiting for this announcement :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t written the code, but I have good idea as to how to solve it(My idea involves binary search and an observation, don’t know of it’s correctness yet).

This is true, Making a contest unrated has become commmon these days.


True to the core. These actions will just decrease user’s participation on codechef.


Your aggression is as if Codechef is taking monthly fee from you to give the contest.

Excuse me? I did not give any reason afaik for that.

So your argument is that “Hey, one contest is unrated in past so keep this one rated.” ?

Sorry, given the tone and the useless argument, I cant be bothered to even reply to this.


whose loss would be that ??
codechef would be like
isme tera ghata mera kuch nahi jata


Dont let the doors hit you. We love Codechef and here to stay. Mishaps do happen and Codechef is a not for profit organisation, if you have some suggestion to improve the situation rather than ranting, ping them, I am sure they would like to listen.