Is starting competitive programming in 2nd year is too late?

Is starting competitive programming in 2nd year is too late ?
I am currently going in 2nd year and i have no idea of DS and Algos ?


No bro not at all… Instead many people start their programming career in 3rd year and have no idea how to start. You should consider urself quite ahead of them. And if we talk about DSA, i would say that its very very essential to have a thorough knowledge of DS & algo but you can start practicing if you know atleast one programming language… Best of luck for ur future


I myself started in 2nd year.(August-2018 to be precise). Before that even writing a prime number program was a hard thing for me :slight_smile: So no its not that late :slight_smile: Unless you are aiming for becoming a grandmaster/LGM on cf :stuck_out_tongue:


And today you have 5 star’s . Time is precious. :upside_down_face:

I just saw your profile you have done so such hard work . I just bookmarked your profile so that i can learn from best people around me .

You are not late …


Yaaa bro …no time is too late to do something , when I was in 1st year many students laugh on me bcz I can’t write a single code of add two no. , But now I know many things which others didn’t know in my college, keep patience , keep calm, keep faith, do your work. :slight_smile:
And of course @anon55659401 is an awesome hard working guy.


Same thing happens with me also.

I started in mid of my 2nd yr engineering
I dont want to brag abt myself but when I enrolled for IT engineering I was so demotivated to realize that most of my classmates had CS in HSc which I didn’t (I had chance to choose CS but I opted for Electronics)
So I started to learn on my own but curriculum of IT did help as we had basic algos and DS already


Areee @ganesh92 is God _ / \ _


Its never too late. I started in first year and im still learning. Well dont judge me on my stars…it fluctuates a lot…:sweat_smile:.
Happy Coding!!


Were you the same person whom I was wishing the best before a contest on topcoder ? :slight_smile:

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You shouldn’t worry about it. It’s never too late. I registered codechef last year as a whitewash, but as long as I’m willing to work hard, it won’t be diffcult.


@ karangreat234 bro your profile has overwhelmed me. I started almost around the same time as you, in June 2018 but I’m still just a 2 star coder, sucks to be me. Honestly speaking, you are an inspiration for coders like us.

Its never too late bro. Just keep on coding regularly and try to learn new things. If you are not able to solve a problem, don’t be disappointed, just look for the solution in the editorial and try to figure how your approach was different from the one suggested in the editorial and try to come up with your solutions with just the tips from the editorial, don’t try tocopy and paste the same code. Last but not the least, KEEP PRACTICING EVERYDAY!!!

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Not at all .
Just a little advice, Be Consistent . It matters a lot. I also started with competitive coding when I was in my second year, but I couldn’t make much because of my inconsistency. Begin consistent is a prerequisite for learning.


You might be using some other platform to practice ?

Yes, I often use different platform to practice, but I did start training algorithm competitions last year, and in December last year, my atcoder and codefoces rating reached 1900+. I said this not to brag, but to tell you an old Chinese saying: “世上无难事,只要肯攀登”. It means “Nothing is difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to climb”.


I am in 3rd year now and it is going to end . I am just 2 star because I was not consistent .
It’s never too late …
Now is the right moment .
You have 2 years and they are more than enough before your college days to turn your lifestyle upside down .
Who knows that you can be Red on codechef … Maybe 6 star.
:blush::blush: Watch this answer after a year .
You will understand


Which platforms did you use the most last year?