Is thinking about ratings wrong?

Today I was just going over blogs on codeforces and stumbled across a post telling about virtual rating prediction in virtual contest but there was a comment on it by a red user that only low rating people is concerned about rating and good coders just participate to learn something new. Now my question is that is it really wrong to think about ratings. I find competitive programming as a sport and achieving good rating is something which motivates me to do better.


Red coders don’t think about ratings cuz their ratings are already high and won’t get too low as they know their game. It will take just 1 more contest for them to get back their red status in case they lose it.

Its just like:- Rich people rarely care about being poor or going bankrupt cuz they know they won’t :slight_smile:


I would also say that, in my opinion,
It is good to think about rating until it motivates you to work harder but it’s definitely not good when it causes you to use unfair means.
Rating should drive you to learn more.

I find competitive programming as a sport and achieving good rating is something which motivates me to do better.

This is what you really need to think.
If you learn something it is somehow going to increase your rating so instead of thinking about rating think about learning


No, there is nothing wrong. Until the rating gain is purely by you.
Those who have gain there rating without any help, hint , cheating , discussion they will never worry about there rating since they can always increase there rating.
Although I would suggest you never to think about rating since it will motivates you for gaining rating( anyhow ! ), participating less ( only when you will think its safe to play ). Also you will ( may/may not ) get feeling of jealousy and anger for your friend who may have higher rating than you .

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I think it may depend on person to person but at least I don’t reduce my participation just because it may reduce ratings but it is a chance to increse it, keep practicing and keep participating is what I am trying to follow.
And also if any of my friend is on top then me , then again it motivates me to work more harder, instead of getting jealous.


I think the rating comparison of codechef and codeforces:
5 star [1450, 1750]
6 star [1750, 2000]
7 star [2000, plus infinity]


Yeah, right. It’s much harder to compete on codeforces. It requires consistency.


Counter examples for your approximations:-
1)Ajinkya Parab.
Codechef:-(5-stars) , Codeforces:-2224(
(Went to ICPC world finals as well :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

2)Teja Vardhan Reddy.
Codechef:-(6-stars) , Codeforces:-2295,maximum(2500+) (

3)Jeel Viashnav.
Codechef:-(6-stars) , Codeforces:- 2435 (

4)Jatin Yadav.
Codechef:-(6-stars), Codeforces:-2141(Max:-2500+)(



but one thing is sure that codechef ratings raise easily than codeforces ratings…in codechef
even if u dont do that well…ur ratings will not fall that much…and above average performances give u gain like +100
here in short contests…u see so many people coming after 1 hr from beg of contest.there the
population gets almost constant after 30 min.
in may cookoff last year i participated in contest only for 10 mins(i had exam next day) …wrote only 10 lines(that too no brain used) and stiil my ratings increased from 1614 to 1651 …

in my opinion ratings should fall(if u dont perform that well) then one might practice more
and learn more.


Ratings depends on ranks. No matter how worse you perform , if many more people are performing much worse then you, then your ratings is bound to increase…And it happens only in Div-2, I guess. If someone does that experiment in Div-1, -100 is for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


In my opinion it is how you are looking your rating graph. If you look it to check your improvement in week to week , month to month, of your skills then its okay… But if you have a mindset that higher rating might get a chance into better companies then its wrong. No rating is seen in any interview its not requirement for any mnc company. The only thing you have to worry is how good your skill is improving day by day. If you work hard these ratings come into place.


For different kind of people, opinions will vary…
There are THREE types of people:-
1)Who can solve problems but takes time to think and code, not high accuracy…They’ll get higher rating on Codechef and less on Codeforces.

2)Person who can solve easy-med problems too fast(but does not like to be stuck at harder problems for long) , they’ll rock at codeforces till 2200 level for sure,but can face problems in Long Challenge of Codechef if they decide not to give a problem more than 2-hours+etc…

3)Who knows it all. These guys are God and do good anywhere…


Wow, such a detailed investigation. :smiley::smiley:

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Ye rating wating sab moh maya h :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, I don’t know why there is so much craze about cp and ratings when they are not going to give any benefits to your career(like job, business,etc…) I agree its a great mind-sport, but rewards are too small to pursue it strictly :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same amount of reward may very from person to person. which is too small for you it may be too big for somebody.

I am a Detective Conan fan and I love Rachel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

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Contradicting to your 2nd point. One who solves only easy -med problems will not get until a rating 2200. Even if they get in 1 contest that will not be consistent over a period of contests. One have to solve hard problems to be consistent . Solving easy -med fastly at max you can be consistent upto 2000 . But constant rating of 2200+ will only happen if you solves hard problems in a faster rate.

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I was talking about <2200 , is really possible if you always do the easy+med (med is sometimes hard) problems super fast in a cf contest.
One of the red coders of India gave me this advice :slight_smile:

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