Just few small possible improvements to the new discuss

I love the new discuss, I really do. There are just a few things that I think can make it even better (IMO).

  1. The favicon. I use Firefox and whenever I have multiple discuss tabs, I see something like this:

    Although, when I switch to the tab it feels fine.
    [There was supposed to be an image here, but I see I can only upload a single image] :frowning:
    If you see, the favicon feels weird. I hope we could find a workaround for this^^

  2. The new all white design.
    I agree that the design feels great but its ‘too’ white. I know everyone has different opinions, wouldn’t it be better if we could have native dark mode support. I love dark modes, and its coming to every platform now, I hope we could have a switch between the light mode and the dark mode.

These two improvements I felt would make the discuss even better. I haven’t checked if these features were already reported/asked by the fellow members. My apologies if they have been already been discussed.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Not sure about the first, but there is an option for dark mode at https://discuss.codechef.com/u/HANDLE/preferences/interface


Although the design looks fantastic
Some other improvements can be done too
I hav pointed it here

do read and share ur opinion

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That link says -
Oops! The page doesn’t exist or is private.

That page requires you to be logged in. (You seriously don’t want anyone else to change your theme.) If you are logged in, then it’s strange.

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I am logged in still getting same error
is it working for you?

Did you replaced HANDLE in URL with your username ??


oops sry !
btw why its not in our profile settings

Thank you, works nicely. :slight_smile: