The Brand New Discuss Forum


Hi everyone,

We are really for sorry taking down the new discuss forum hours after it went live. A serious bug was spotted and it was needed to be taken care of before it became too big :frowning:

Everything seems to be in order now. Still, if you spot any other bugs (especially markdown inconsistencies), let us know at

Also, questions, answers and comments, all are considered as “posts” in this new discuss (which is actually based on Discourse). You can find more about this here.

You can visit the old forum, albeit in read-only mode, here.

Some posts which where made in the time after the new forum was made live for the first time will be brought back soon. If you wish, you can create a new topic.

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Will broken latex on old posts be fixed?


Yes. They will also be fixed.The difference in the markdown tech used in the last forum and this forum caused the inconsistencies. The properly formatted posts have no such issues (like most of the editorials), except for a few.

Just report such posts at

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Waiting for older posts :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a way to go to someone’s codechef profile by clicking somewhere on his discuss profile or vice versa ?
if yes then how ?
if no then why not ?

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@l_returns it’s not there as of now, we’ll be adding this soon.

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Still don’t like new discourse style replies

  • See how threads are becoming insanely long SUBREM - Editorial. It is now frustrating to view it on mobile
  • Not easy to follow. Its like backtracking from last node. I know we are programmers but still don’t think it is necessary here
  • Demotivates to answer questions which concern only 1 person coz it will make post even harder to scroll. Hence don’t answer personal doubt and don’t even dare to ask “I did this this. can anyone explain why its wrong”

I know it will be easy for you guys to maintain plain forum like this but it really troubles users. FYI i read this link stating why to have plain old school forums but still not convinced
Therefore, I request codechef to make discussion forum hierarchial (even two level will do)
@alfarhanzahedi @admin @vijju123