Karma superfarming


Just have a look at this user @rohit_jere_rj karma history.

In no time he got so many upvotes or accepted answers from @lucas_dijk.
Irrelevant talks and topics.


I am also surprised that why he has upvoted me that many times. I don’t know him. When you wrote the comment that it was a spam, so I deleted my answer too.

I accept sometimes I took answer’s from quora and posted them without giving credits, but this time someone is trying to take advantage of my situation and attack me. I have really not done this!

Edit : I just looked up. I can see he has upvoted many other’s too. I really don’t know why.

alt text

alt text

Lol, the titles of these ‘Karma Farming’ are amazing. From Karma Farming to Karma Farming 2.0 to Karma Superfarming. Ya’ll should make a movie on this. On a serious note, are these issues even dealt with by codechef or codechef just ignores them?


Yes, this time, a lot of malpractice has taken place, in the last hours.

The idea was cunning. Their plan was clear. During the last 1 hour, they all farmed ~120-200 karma…that too on…irrelevant answers. And now the list is POOF! and they feel that no action would be taken against them.

I was also observing. The admins have evidences and data, i referred them to that and wrote a strong mail to them. The 2 users were reported earlier too, and this time the admins cannot be merciful. If they allow such malpractices to prevail, it would be big hit to their integrity and fairness, and the effects will be visible on the forums.

Its sad to see such immature people doing malpractices.

Personally, i had decided to keep out of such threads, but this time i have to voice my opinion. Such malpractices are not tolerated here.

Also, @admin, this time you HAVE to make exceptions, go through users in Top 5 list and pick out the non-deserving ones. Ask for clarifications if you feel so, but dont let it go.


I saw someone had 40 karma by 00:56 may 1 and I was shocked. 40 Karma points within 56 minutes nearly 1 per min Seriously what is going on ??

As far as I see it a single has upvoted for many of the people in the list in April and May. Of Course as someone else mentioned he is causing confusion and I don’t know who is at fault but it is a serious issue.

I have strong feeling that @lucas_dijk is a fake account. Go through his profile: https://discuss.codechef.com/users/216150/lucas_dijk

He creates the account 15 hours ago. As soon as he creates account , he needs fresh Karma to accomplish his mission. Therefore , he hurriedly , answers the 7 discussion threads with just one sentence “How to ask Questions?” . That earns him more than enough Karmas ( about 77 ) and at the last hour he does his job of upvoting his own answer( upvoting his original account’s answer through created fake account). But wait, he has to create confusion , if he just upvotes his own answers he will be caught easily. So he picks some more innocent profiles who are on threshold and upvotes them too.

So, the culprit is single person and should I name him? You must have connected the dots now to know whose fake account it is. @admin should nullify all the upvotes given by this fake account to restore the original karma-board.



Yes, its @rohit_jere_rj . I think I should not be ashamed to name you publicly. He comes to this forum. He spends one week or more with lots of efforts to plagiarise the answers from Quora to win Karmas . Everything is going fine as per plan and he is at top contributor list. But alas his tactic is revealed publicly in the forum(https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/96817/karma-farming-20) and now he knows well that he cannot now participate in forum. So he has no option but to sit silent. But now its the last day , he remembers his one week of effort into plagiarism and he thinks that shouldn’t go waste. Then, boom, he comes up with this idea.

I salute you friend.


This was done similar to this by marshal_roxx :

alt text

This is the proof that he has again done the same thing and this time involved us. I have really not done any of this. @admin please review all these proofs.

I think it’s high time that the CodeChef people address this issue and set certain guidelines. I suggest the following:

Give few people with reputation more than 2,000 the authority to strike a user who is seen carrying out malpractices. Three strikes and that person will be banned from the community. The strikes system will reduce the time taken to report a person through e-mail and the CodeChef team evaluating and responding to that.

People these days on discuss.codechef.com are so blinded by laddus and the CodeChef t-shirts that they’ll take whatever means possible to achieve that.

I wonder what will happen if CodeChef stopped giving laddus to the top contributors, will there be so much fuss?


Yes, this is a huge problem.I was on the second of the list in the top contributors and then suddenly some people(like @rohit_jere_rj and @marshal_roxx) started doing karma farming and pushed me out of the list. like 300 laddus for them in just a few hours.


I think the upvoting privilege has to be restricted to stop karma farming.

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I knew that action has been taken by admins when i got their reply today.


alt text

Many MANY thanks to @admin for heeding our request and doing an exceptional manual checking this time. Had this action not been taken, the karma farmers would have always used similar malpractice to get in the list. By taking necessary action, you have served justice to rightful and defended the integrity of forums. Thank you once again, we hope you will look after us successfully for time to come as well. :slight_smile:


The best part is @rohit_jere_rj and @marshal_roxx(he was warned to stop karma farming, he felt farming at the last hour won’t cause any problem) has been suspended indefinetely

alt text

alt text

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“During the last 1 hour, they all farmed ~120-200 karma”. So true @mathecodician was second till a while ago and now he’s not even there in the top 5. Shows how fast the others have gotten their karmas increased.


Right now, the list is reset. It resets every month start, midnight sharp. That was the main reason why they did it in last hour. Within 1 hour, lesser people see, lesser reports, or possibly a chance of getting away with it.

I know it gets reset at 12 am. I was talking about the April 2017 list tho, he’s not there in the top 5 there.

WTF?! I went to mail codechef with names and malpractices employed when i observed them, couldnt take a look at final list. That…thats seriously not fair…

That is how well the Karma surge was timed that even you didn’t notice the effect of it.

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@vijju123 The karma list for previous months are available on the website itself. If you want you can take a look at it.

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Seems like @lucas_dijk is trolling people here or he’s just too generous. Even I received 25 Karmas for answering his question.

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