Ketek[i] looking for setter tester

looking for setter/tester for

Laddus to the setters/testers/editorialists after contest.

Looking for 2 more setters and 2 more testers. No Editorialist for now. If you want please apply in the form below.

closing form… we are filled thanks!!

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I’m Intrested please mail me the process…


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I like to be an Setter or Tester

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You become Setter/Tester and I’ll become the editorialist :joy:

setter,tester for what? codechef challenge?


for sorry forgot to mention

If it’s a slightly more difficult competition, I think I’ll give you some problems.

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please apply on the above link.

why does codechef id requires a number input

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How much do you all give for setting a problem?

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Sorry. Didnt notice. It has been fixed now

For now laddus from codechef are shared. I m trying very hard to monetize the platform. Making sales calls.

Setters/testers are needed for a single contest or for a long term?

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long term. we need for long term. thanks.


Hey, the keteki powermatch 2 is actually clashing with cf global round, can timing be readjusted so that we could give both? thanx…

I don’t know about this contest can you tell me more about it…

You can read about it on Codeforces :slight_smile:

can you share me the link of blog

I saw your profile. You’ve already participated in that contest :stuck_out_tongue: about which you are asking!!

ok…what is the name of contest??..can you tell me I don’t remember now