LAZER Video Solution

Really great and simple editorial. ThankYOU.

So , what do you expect ? Beginners like us should be provided with editorials of live contests to balance the unfair advantage provided to 4+ star coders because of their ratings.

editorial should be provided who faces problem in solving the question in spite of rating

@tmwilliamlin Why are you not giving the March Long challenge? I really need editorials, especially from you. Please.

Oh wow…didn’t knew a Rick Roll algo existed to solve this

I apologize if you took the wrong meaning here!
I remember all too well the days I struggled to solve the first question of a long challenge :slight_smile:
“Irrespective of rating, people should be provided with editorial” - 100% agree but After the contest and that’s what happens.
But the contest is still ongoing and expecting an editorial when the contest is live doesn’t really makes sense right ?
I know the urge to find a solution somewhere and get an AC but believe me, if you can curb that and try your hardest, let it take 50+ submissions and get that AC, you’ll improve and you’ll feel much better :slight_smile:


I was gonna report this :joy:

I think am too dumb

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Oh! The forgotten Rick Astley algorithm. Solved it O(n).


The link is on fire !! Already 400 clicks and people are clicking on it at something like 15 clicks per minute

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One of the best tutorial I have seen in a while

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Anyone got postponed message of codechef data structure exam from 22nd March to 22nd May

In Bird culture, this is considered a “dick move.”

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Abbe Saale :rofl:


Thankk you soooo much, i am so happy i got it right XD


I will now finally become the 7 star coder, Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I solved it in one go After this beautiful editorial.

That was what I was looking for

please open the link its not what you are thinking

Only just noticed … the Prophecy has been (partially) fulfilled! Though it was fulfilled by the guy who made it in the first place, so not sure if that counts …


Not exactly, I haven’t posted CHEFDAG yet :stuck_out_tongue: