Length of long challenge

It is a kind request to @admin to reduce the length of long contests. 10 days is too much for 8 problems. Either you people should increase the number of problems or reduce the length to 6 or 7 days as most of the problems are solved within 3-4 days and many people keep waiting for the contest to end…
Please look into the matter.



IMO it’s too long and most times after 5-6 days the difference between the current results and the final results is minimal which means most people have done all the problems they are able to do.

10 days is too much and I believe if the length is reduced it can also reduce cheating.


10 days allows 2 weekends in all time zones. Useful for people who can solve problems only on weekend. They get 4 days.


If 1st day of challenege is on monday. Then it won’t be

Long Challenge always starts on a Friday.


No way this should be implemented. I agree because of 10 day length, there is a lot of plagiarism issues but as @aryanc403 said , many people solve on weekends and for such people two weekends is a must


You feel 10 days are more than enough because you have time and you’re relatively free. Long is also meant for people who do not have much time. Also as @aryanc403
said 2 weekends are must.
People like me manage to participate even during end sem exams.
I can almost solve all ques (which I can solve in 10 days) in 2 days. That doesn’t mean we can reduce time to 2 days.


yes the chances of plagiarism will increase because of the 10day long contest and i do feel that most of the people stop doing long after 1 week . I mean some problems are in no way solvable without editorial and sometimes its a waste of time . Moreover , these days there are fully pattern based questions which not only takes a lot of time to solve but also makes no sense in learning new algorithms


I support @aryanc403, @l_returns as weekend is the most important time for working professionals as well.


There is a difference between 2 days and 6 days… and if u want 2 weekends i guess Sunday to Sunday is enough…

ok…but don’t you see the plagiarism that happens… Also just see the codeforces contest time…only 2 hrs for 6 problems(which are of same or greater difficulty in comparison to long challenges)…even if you are getting 48 hours that’s enough…


If professionals can participate in codeforces contest regularly then they can invest 2 hours per day on codechef also…


This is not a point of concern here. Does reducing length guarantee no plagiarism? Giving time to users who can solve a problem is more important than not giving them time because someone else will cheat in meanwhile.

Dude don’t compare cf short contest with cc long. Just look at ARMYOFME. Had it been a cf round this problem would have been rejected straight away. Because nobody wants to try a problem whose implementation takes more time than contest duration.


Get your point of concern right.
Is plagiarism your concern? Or long duration your concern?
If your concern is plagiarism, then better say it directly along with that I’m proposing to reduce long’s duration as it can reduce plagiarism. Indirectly saying “most of the problems are solved within 3-4 days and many people keep waiting for the contest to end” wont help at all.


Hi @samy1234 there is difference between codeforces and codechef Long challenge.codeforces are timed contests conducted mostly at nights. Professionals generally will be late to home.so they may miss them. But when it comes to long challenge there is flexible to think of the problem in free time in office as well. So weekends are most important.

The best one(according to my opinion) is to have a long challenge of 4 days. Friday to Monday (SET 1) and second week Friday to Monday (SET 2). Kinda having two long challenges in a month, but with less plagiarism, or actually one with the scoreboard of both the contests merged.


This is the reason why i hate hackerearth.


Well… I should have mentioned both(plagiarism and contest solving in 4-5 days) in my concern…Sorry for that…
And regarding ARMYOFME, did you get AC on that problem??
Without AC, how can you be so sure that implementation will take more time…
Let’s leave the ARMYOFME problem, starting 5 problems and DIV-2 problems are comparable to cf short contest.
And if I get AC on ARMYOFME then only I can compare it with cf problem…

Let me change problem name. If you just want to counter on that and dont know diff between long and short contest. https://www.codechef.com/MAY19A/problems/SONGIF/

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