Low number of participants at Jan Long Challenge Div 1

Does anyone know why we have so few participants in Div 1 of January Long Challenge? It seems to be maybe 9-10 times less compared to last month, if I remember correctly.

i guess everyone is abandoning long challenge due to mass cheating.


I don’t think 5 or 6 stars will cheat.
May be low participation is because 4 star is in div2


The lower limit for div 1 has increased. Only 5 or 6 stars. Thats why


I think first the difficulty is much higher in Div1. Div1 starts from Div2 4th problem. Also, there are less 5 star and 6 stars too.


Codechef Introduced Division 3 in this Long Challenge. According to new classification,

  1. Users with Rating less than 1600 come under division 3.
  2. Users with Rating >=1600 and < 2000 come under division 2.
  3. Users with Rating >= 2000 come under Division 1.

So, unlike previous contests, now we have only 5* and above in Division 1. That could be the reason for low number of participants in Jan Long Challenge.
Screenshot from 2021-01-07 19-02-31 .

There are more than 15000 4* users.

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I guess CC has introduces the div 3 that’s why many 4* coder r in div 2…So less number of particpants in div 1.

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Yeah these are all valid points, thanks all!