Making competitive programming a real professional sport.

I highly apologize for not hosting regular contests at keteki. Personal matter, I got married and aggressively looking for ways to monetize keteki, to make a living. I tried to call companies to help them recruit, I created a job board… hard to make it work. Marketing is hard without investment. Its hard to find investment too.

Anyway, so I came up with this two methods to monetize competitive programming both for competitive programmers (It is my wish that competitive programming becomes a real pro sport of its own) and my own personal life. I am confident about the methods, but I don’t know how would the community react.

Method 1:
Host something like codeforces room based contest, taking part there would be a small registration fee something like 20rs. per contest. And the winner of the room keeps the money of the room. To keep it fair (like higher expected coders are placed in “higher” rooms) would get some money from lower rooms. So lets say there are 100 coders in the room, so the room winner gets 2000 rs. The last room winner lets say would get lesser than 2000 and it would go to upper room winners… you getting na what I mean? Its avoids some coders from underperforming to win lower rooms.

Here the main problem is, it should already be scaled in number of coders. If there are say 100 coders taking part, no one would be interested to pay 20 rs. from paypal. But if lets say lakhs of coders take part, this is serious money per room. For me i would keep some amount from each room, say 1 rs. from the 20 rs. For problem setting and to grow company.

Method 2:
Coding duel, I posted this is facebook, but didn’t do for again some really personal reasons. I meditate a lot and some energies got unbalanced. I became different, and aggressive too. Chakra stuff. Anyway… this method is like

Two coders would challenge each other. One would set prob for the other. Here the prob is the probs would be too hard. To balance it. The supporters of one coder would solve his set. How many can solve his own set * coder’s score in the other set = the score of that coder.

More score winner. To take part the coders put in money equal amount. Lets say 1000 rs. So the winner will get 2000 rs. And later with more experimentation, even the supporting coders can put in money. So both coders would have a money pool. And the winner with his/her supporters would get the money of the other pool depending on the money invested ratio formed. There would be a reg page to know who supports whom.

I really want to do the 2nd method. 1st method I do after having some money. I am myself not excellent at cp, but would like to try the 2nd method. Sorry too much about money, really stressed out!

I highly apologize if it sounds greedy or just redistribution of money, 1st method is fair… small reg fees and the winners wins good, many winners each room. Second method not fair. What to do, please advice. Anyone would like to do the 2nd method? First experiment with a small amount like 10-100 rs.?

But since first method is fair, we can try that too!

I also don’t have the required tech skills to build a proper site. Steady steady :slight_smile:

Trying out Method 1

Please use the same email email as registered in codechef.

Have fun!

How many have signed up till now? what will happen if there is just 1 participant.

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7 and 1 has sent the payment already.
Yes, second contest was like that where there was only 1 participant. In that I paid a prize money for solving at least one problem to him and he succeeded in the last moment.