Restarting code-hustle and code-duel for ketek[i]

ketek[i] quickmatches will be converted to codehustles. There will be a registration fee to take part and room winners would win the money of the room. Room would be consisting of 10 programmers each. So there should be 10 rooms. All details will come in ketek[i] site.

Reg fees of rs 35 should be good, let me know if its too much or too little. So 300 rs will be won by the room leader. I will keep rs 50 as profit from each room. Since similar skilled coders will be placed in the same room so, chances of winning is there for all. Skill will be decided by current score of ketek[i].

New coders will be placed in lowest skill rooms. If reg fee isnt paid then the winner is not eligible for prize money.

Anyone Team/individual willing to set probs and duel with another team let me know., here also supporters will duel with each other. So if a supporter of a team solves the team prob he shall get the entire money of his opponent duel. The winning team can make good money by winning.

Read more about it here Making competitive programming a real professional sport.


today’s contest is not code hustle is code duel. Getting projects, so might focus on that instead. Will see (don’t want to mess things up). For now QuickMatches are on.