March 2020 Lunchtime - Unrated

Thanks for the update, also pls tell when will the problems be available for Practice?

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But bro you should also think from the perspective of someone who wasted his 1 and a half hour doing problems and ending up with no result.


questions were great, really enjoyed

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Corona ka jaadu xD

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In-build a feature for registration for the contest and stop registration after certain number completes.

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I could have solved proper OI problems.
although cc claims its problems to be oi style they aren’t at all.infact they are just normal problems written under prep for IOI tasks
If someone wants to see what proper oi problems look like check the OI checklist by ko_osoga.It also has a webapp

@admin Thanks for taking expected step!

@above, see what I said a little while ago

good decision ! this happens during the time of ICPC online rounds too Please modify your servers :slight_smile: :slight_smile: It will be good for us all

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This was my first CodeChef lunchtime contest and I was waiting for this to participate and solve as many problems as I can. It feels sad to hear this. Please do upload its editorial so we can learn what approach can be used to solve such problem. That way we will get our time utilised and learn some fun tricks for solving the problems


yeah . CC just doesnt realize the importance of time in a students life. I could have done maybe some other contest or may have spent the time studying something else. How will CC compensate this loss. Pls tell me.


@admin Atleast spell Lunchtime correctly

Nice problems, please do host another lunchtime

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Well if you are so pissed, vent it out on the April Long Challenge.


Ummm … see, I cannot do anything about it. Just ask the admin about what is gonna happen. But what you’re gonna do about those who were not able to submit the solutions just because of the connectivity issues ?? If you have any solutions, do share them :slight_smile: (But don’t just say of extending the contest duration as it is not feasible now for them)

Codechef needs to be quarantined <3

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Atleast they can now do is make those problems available for practice so that we can see the verdict after all for those problems we missed solving

WTF!! I left my mess dinner and wasted 1.5 hours, submitted 2 problems and was about to submit 3rd when It ended. Now I have to make Maggie and eat it.


@kaberi_tcon you’re not getting out my point … Just wait for some time till the admin responds or maybe send them an email regarding your issue.
Please do not clog up this thread just because it was “injustice” or something else. You’re effort would be more effective if you’ll just send an email to them

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you are not anyone to decide what would be feasible to them. CC should find out some way to compensate our losses or else i bet it would cause a huge loss to their user data base for sure.