March 2020 Lunchtime - Unrated

one more lunchtime become unrated

I hope you will be prepared next time, because again more than 5k people will participate.

At least as long as the quarantine is running.

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was the issue large participants or DDOS
As more number of Participants occur in ICPCOn codechef

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Will the streak be affected by this failure? As I was unable to submit the solutions.

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I not have eated anything.
After atcoder contest I jump to lunchtime solved 1 problem but I’m not felling that my time is wasted.Since I learn many new topic.
If contest is unrated I think it is fair to all.:blush:

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Well, people had connectivity issues as well. You can see 1500 and 1300 submissions for the first two problems of Div 2 , whereas they should have been much more.


Try to improve your systems as soon as possible. Making a rated contest unrated due to lack or incompetency of host feels unprofessional.

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Bro, I can’t just do anything ! Wait for the admin to respond

practice more to reach 5 star

Who r u to tell him . You yourself r 3 star

Here the Term Of Service which you agreed to when you decided to participate.

Section 14 - Disclaimer Of Warranties; Limitation Of Liability

We do not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.

You agree that from time to time we may remove the service for indefinite periods of time or cancel the service at any time, without notice to you.

You expressly agree that your use of, or inability to use, the service is at your sole risk.


Will we be getting codechef attendance for this contest ??

Also for all those who think that their time has been wasted, why are you wasting your time chatting here. Go use it doing something else.


Thank you very much for acknowledging and making the contest unrated.

As everyone one is free can’t you conduct lunchtime again please… thats my humble request

out of last 10 lunchtimes 4 were unrated


“Due to unexpectedly large number of participants in the Lunchtime” !! In div-2 around 1500+ person solve the easiest problem how this is a “large number of participants”?! :joy:


will we get the editorial of lunchtime?

@ around 22:20:00 I was shocked to see that contest ended.
At least this was completely out of expectation.