Mass cheating for SUMXOR2 and MULGAME

I noticed the submission for SUMXOR2 and MULGAME increased exponentially in last 2 days, 2 days ago there were just 50 submission but now they are thrice of that.
My appeal to admin is to strictly check plagiarism for last 150 submissions for both problems


My suggestion would be to not take long challenge scores seriously. Only consider short contests. Use long contest for practice.


I think long challenges should have their own rating system and should not effect overall rating, In that way cheaters won’t get much advantage.


This is no way to appeal.
Submissions always rise exponentially at the end of contest, wait for the last 2 hours :sweat_smile:

How to appeal?
If you have proof that people are cheating, you can compile and share that with It might be easier to find proofs after the contest by looking at the codes and comparing them, you can assume that it’s not the admin’s job profile to read every submission manually and compare them.

Codechef also runs plagiarism detection software MOSS after the contest to flag any codes that are copied from each other (although not sure if it’s done for every contest)

Each 3 type of contest has their own rating system as well in addition to the overall rating. If you still think that your rating is negatively impacted by Long Challenge, you are welcome to skip those. But this problem is basically unavoidable in a long a challenge. Cheating can’t be prevented. At maximum the accounts can be flagged for plagiarism after the contest and penalized when it’s detected.

If you still need to make a public appeal, use this thread.


yes, and it’s really sad. They are everywhere

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No need to take these ratings seriously. Focus on your skills. MULGAME is very easy so you can expect submission will increase.

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Every minute the submission increases and codechef doesn’t take any action.

Not only SUMXOR2 and MULGAME, but pretty much all of the rest too. There are videos on YouTube with thousands of views.

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what are you even implying? u blv solns of SUMXOR2 and MULGAME wre leaked and yet only 2 people from your college managed to solve mulgame and 1 solved sumxor2.

or can you not get over the fact that low rated coders are better than you? is that why you’re trying to spread dirt on an entire college?

lul wut? what does that statement even mean? the submission increases over time, guess what sherlock, that’s how long challenge works. do you seriously expect them to decrease?

Not really @hitesh0710 SUMXOR2 and MULGAME are both questions based on standard algorithms which everyone in competitive world knows about.

These kind of posts should be posted after the contest, or reported to

The goal of programming contests is to enjoy solving problems. There are some meassures against plagiarism, but sometimes is impossible to catch them all.

Hope you like the problem set, keep solving problems!