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To codechef content team stop writing contest summary if you dont know a iota about competitive programming.
This blog will be harsh. Sorry about it.

Stop writing blogs by just looking codechef profile and no of stars as the only achievement.
You can stop reading blog now if you dont want to embrass yourself.

Just a screenshot from memes channel on a competitve programming discord server.


“1 star … maroonrk”, “1 star … yosupo”
Seriously man this is how you introduce someone among top 10 competitive programmers. They are currently 8th and 9th ranked in world. maroonrk is one of admin (If you dont know what this website is. Then FYI it is considered as of the best CP website). yosupo is one of the consistent author on Atcoder. Maintainer of Atcoder library. If you dig in you will find many more things you can mention much much better than your “1 star coder”. E.g. Just look at ICPC top 10 teams, Codejam/Hackercup/TopCoder finalist list.

In other blog. “6-star user ksun48”. FYI 2 times ICPC world finalist ksun48’s team (MIT) is came 2nd in last ICPC world finals.

I couldnt find it but I remember one blog in Initial days introducing tourist as “7 star”. FYI tourist is 7 times Codejam champion and …

It is yet another cringe blog. Honestly noone wants to see his/her name in such blog. Specifically when there wasnt even an rivalries.
Sharing topcoder open 2006 video experience

I believe these much examples aka memes are enough. If someone from content team is reading this they pretty well know that “N star on codechef” is the only thing they know about someone and they feel is enough to introduce someone.


FYI @admin

Thanks for your frank feedback. This is definitely an issue.
We try various things to make competitive programming more of a sport which people can follow, and this is one such activity. But since the content writers are not from the CP community, such issues crop up, and we will work on fixing these.

If someone from the community is interested in helping out with writing these, do let us know :slight_smile:


Someone had to write this. Very well written Aryan.

Also I would like to add that not only calling maroonk 1 star is cringe but also a genuine 1 star who has just started gotten into CP will think he/she too can win div 2(maroonk won his very first codechef contest since he is top 10 in the world duh) which is very misleading.

Hi, I have a query. How can someone write blogs on, does it require a special account like we need to set problems on codechef? Every user is registered as an author, but I don’t see any option on the website for creating new blogs. Currently I write blogs on my website. has a nice UI and audience it’ll be great if I can get an oppurtunity to write some relevant blogs here.

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I think LHiC’s team is current ICPC world champion.

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Yeah. Edited. Thanks.