Sharing topcoder open 2006 video experience

When I was new to competitive programming, I saw a video in topcoder of the topcoder open 2006 and it freaking inspired me to compete more.

In that tomek was champion.
How it happened?
tomek solves 250 and petr does it too.
petr solves 500 quickly and tomek realized he can’t win if he don’t solve 1000. So tomek closes his 500 and opens the 1000. And solves it! He takes a lead by a little points.

.....…250 500 1000

During challenge phase petr challenged so many that he got lead over tomek.
.....…250 500 1000 challenges
petr….s...…__s ..,........__...many
......... none

tomek didn’t know what to do, since he knew he wouldn’t be champ… just 20 seconds remaining for challenges to be over, he opened a random problem with a random test case and “it had a memory error I don’t know where” (he said later), he got the lead again! He became the TCO 2006 champion. LIKE WHAAT?..

This video, blew my brains out and I got hooked to cp like forever. I can’t find that video, its not in youtube either :frowning:


About TCO 2008 I only have access to this comment. No video :frowning: I also wanted to watch it. Maybe asking can be helpful. Please do post link of those videos if you get access.

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