NCR codewars 2020

How much problem to be solved in NCR codewars to get shortlist?


I solved 1 problem only and all MCQ’s. What about u?

I solved both 2 completely and may be 3-4 mistakes may come in mcq’s

In how many days do they send results for the coding round ? Any Idea ?

from the previous year stats, both needs to be solved

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i did not find any previous stats.

1 full and other partial

got from my seniors

I solved both, Could I expect a call? are there any other factors that they might consider?

The hackerearth page of ncr says 2mmorrow will be the shortlisting announced

What type of questions were asked?

Easy questions. Good observation will get you the answer.

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Did anyone get the result from NCR codwars?

previous years competition homepage says 50% criteria

was there any apply option after the assessment because got blank page after I submitted my assessment?

Same. I wasn’t able to apply either and the announcement page shows I haven’t participated in the challenge. weird.

same here. what did you then ?

If it’s the same for everyone, we just have to wait.

did anyone get shortlisted? how much did you solved? I’m not able to see shortlist.

Did anyone got “Not Participated” in this page ?

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