NCR codewars 2020

actually it was mentioned by them not to discuss interview experience with others but I can give hints that they asked about Project a lot and then some advance ds algo of graphs and tree

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Did anyone got first level of interview recently and did any one mail for the interview

When did you got?

I did not get that is why i am asking

Did they ask you a puzzle in the second round as well?

have you got a mail from them about the second interview?


yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

I had interviwed with them on 27th november and they replied me as selected for further rounds but till now I havent received any mail regarding next round

Everyone completed their 1st round of interviews??

in past 10 days i mailed them 2 times about my first interview feedback(11th nov) and after todays mail suddenly they reply me about feedback of my interview that “interview didnt went well”

I had my Interview on 7th Jan, 1st round, anyone else had recently?

I had my first interview on 9th and 2nd interview yesterday and I messed the second one, so not expecting the reply for 2nd interview