Need Help! and Suggestions :(

Hi Everyone,

I need all your suggestion . From Past 1 year i am participating in codechef long challenge, and also in codeforces and but only i can able to solve 1 to 2 question. I am analyzing my performances and also analyzing the question asked in these contest… I feel like knowing only algorithm will not going to help me… I need to some of the mathematical algorithm and mathematical stuffs… can you please suggest me what are the mathematical topics i must study which will help me in improve my skill and able to more number of question. and how can i improve my ratings…

Many many thank you

here is a link to a codechef tutorial:
get yourself ready with the mathematics section:

hope it helps :smiley:

If you want to solve more math dominant problems you can try Project Euler… But I don’t think that’s the main reason behind solving only 1-2 questions…

Give this article a read.

It’s matter of deliberate practicing and slight luck that you see improvements quickly because it may happen that the topics the you’ve learned or practiced don’t show up during contest… but if you’ll persevere, you’ll succeed!


I just checked your Codechef profile and you have solved only 38 problems. Solving 38 problems is way too low. You have participated in around 14 contest, accounting for an average of 2 problems/contest, you have just solved 10 extra problems. This would no doubt wouldn’t give you any result. You aren’t upsolving, you aren’t training either.

You can learn Math algorithms, but I doubt it is going to help. Unless you start solving problems, you may learn any number of algos you want but you won’t improve.


Yep. As a data-point:

[~/devel/hackerrank]>find . -iname "*.cpp" | grep -v otherpeople | grep -v experiments | grep -v "my-own-problems" | grep -v blah.cpp | grep -v "code-template.cpp" | grep -v  "snippets.cpp" | grep -v "\-generator.cpp" | wc -l

thank you bro…

yup frowning_face: … i will practice more and more… but Some time get frusted, for not able to solve a problem for 2 to3 days…

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ok thanks :slight_smile:

You are an inspiration @ssjgz. Nice performance in the ongoing contest. As usual, I am unable to figure out medium and harder problems from Div-1, even I need to work harder. :slight_smile: By the way, waiting for your awesome editoral style solutions. Make them as great as always. :stuck_out_tongue:


You flatter me :smiley: Hope my Editorials measure-up this time around :slight_smile:


In my opinion, there is no point of getting stuck on a problem for too long. If you are unable to solve after some time(that some can vary from person to person , but I believe an hour or two should be enough, if you have run out of ideas after this time. There is no point of continuing any further), then it’s better to look for the solutions. The important thing is you should avoid making same mistakes again.

Find a friend who is similar to you and just compete among each other.
I became 5 star in first 11 contest.
It’s because of competition I got from
@black_truce .
He was the one who brought me into competitive programming.
We used to compete with each other really nicely. We don’t even share hints :stuck_out_tongue:.
I am L from “death note” and he was Kira :stuck_out_tongue:
We were rivals.
This will make environment competitive and you’ll definitely give your best. It will make things interesting. You will also uplsove when you got a nice company (/competitor)
It’s not like we were enemies. We used to teach other things after contest.
Edit : @m_never_dies is also a nice friend of mine and he also helped me in getting better.


You need to get out of your comfort zone. Just make it a habit to upsolve atleast 2 problems you could not solve during a contest, by trying later or reading editorials. And give contests on a very frequent basis.


i m also looking for a friend of mine… thanks for your suggestion.

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what this code will do?

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Finds all filenames ending in “.cpp”; filters out some irrelevant ones; and counts the ones that are left :slight_smile:

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sorry, but i didn’t understand. where it gonna find?
codechef database?

Oh, no - my local hard drive :slight_smile:

I think @ssjgz is showing his own pc, That he has solved 272 problems and has codes for each one of them in his pc, and he has just taken part in 4 contests.
So practice == everything


Precisely :slight_smile: