Need some help

Im facing a problem lately…in some contests I perform so good that I think I should be 4 or 5* but then suddenly in one contest I perform so bad that I think I don’t even deserve 1*…does this happen to anybody else??

@invincible1212 Does it happen to you?

Yeah it happens

ok then. but it is not a problem related programming. I think you just need to believe in yourself. When someone perform bad it is normal to feel that you don’t deserve 1*, but don’t think like this. You better know about yourself. Yes, sometimes I feel something like this. But then I start to practice more. @invincible1212 I am not so skilled like you. You know better then me. And always believe in yourself. Pardon me if you don’t like my this comment. I just share my feelings. Please don’t think that I give you advice. Few days ago, I tried to help a coder who has 2* more than me and someone took it negatively.


Thanks bro…your words motivated me now :slight_smile:

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Even I am having same issue, once my rating fallen down like anything, then I got the suggestion from our @vijju123 bhai :

So far you have mostly done cakewalk and logic based questions only. This is wrong. Make following corrections:

- Practice Qs 1 level up from where you currently stand
- Give attention to all topics. Try , it will help you.

So no need to give extra suggestions from my side, I realised that Vijju is saying true, then I started solving problems one level up from where I stand and I really saw the difference in understanding the problem statement and quickly I am able to make an approach to the solution. May be in a month hopefully I reach 4* rating.


Really…can u tell me …in which contest u performed like 5*??

this hunt after ratings is the main problem
and may be thats why many got last rank in feb long

forget about rating and practice dude
u dont have good rating…i dont have good rating
u wont become some master…then y worry abt it?
practice…when u get the knowldge of 5*…u will surely get that


Bro for 1 year don’t think about too much about rating.Since it is learning phase so rank will up and down.
Just practise for 1 year after that u will se that any contest u will take part all problem seems to be cakewalk for you.
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

My code works correctly but i dont get right answer , i think it is the problem with the subtasks

@pruthil Where is your code? which problem? If you have any problem to understanding Problems(All problem except ongoing contest problems) then you can post your topic in CodeChef Discuss and there are many great programmer here to help you.

Actually it is an ongoing contest question

Then think of edge case instead of asking here and there.

i am not asking for solution

@pruthil In that case, you should wait for contest end and you can see editorial after the contest end and you can also post your problem when the contest end. So try to solve the problem and if you get WA or TLE again and again then don’t worry. Keep your solution for ask about the problem of your solution after the contest end. :grin:

Okay you are saying problem lie with subtask.
No bro it isn’t, see the number of successful submission in this problem.


It doesn’t. my code works even after asserting all the constraints, including the constraints of each subtask.

actually i have just started coding on the platform so i dont know much about it, i have solved the prolem and it also provides required output yet it is not accepted

You might want to look at the constraints or reread the question then. The questions are first made by the setter, usually 6 stars and above. They then go through the codechef panel to check the validity of the answer. Then the question is given to a tester who has to try all the problems and solve them without external help. And then the editorialist has to write and explain each step in sufficient detail. The translators then make sure the question can be understood correctly. I promise, the questions set by codechef are always correct.

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In every problem there are some edge case ,your code is only giving correct output for given test case not for all hidden test case.
That’s why you are getting WA verdict.