New feature added in disuss.codechef

Did you guys noticed this new features of Back to Codechef we can directly swith to main codechef platform now with this feature . Great job . I always missed this feature and wanted it , finally its here .
I love thsi update :slight_smile:

Give some love if you liked this feature :slight_smile:


Admin did mention earlier that they were working on a deeper architectural change. They are revealing the changes one by one I guess.


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Thats great this makes platform more dynamic and user friendly :slight_smile:

Why was this comment flagged?
There is nothing bad to flag, right?

I was not basic member that what it said in message ,now I am granted the basic badge . I guess now I can comment !!

is there any guideline/rule like that ?

@pkpawan123 @hustleagain both belongs to same person ?

Is it? :joy:

nope but I know him, my roomer.