New Feature - Live Ratings

Due to our new and fast rating system, we are now able to not just calculate ratings quickly after a contest, but also provide participants of rated contests with ‘Live Ratings’.

Live Ratings are basically ratings calculated during a contest, every X minutes (X would typically be 15 minutes for short contests, and 3 hours for long contests). The rankings at that point is taken, and the ratings calculated assuming that this is the end of the contest. These ratings are shown as a graph on the contest page.

They are not updated anywhere else - so the eventual important rank is still only the rankings at the end of the contest. Live Ratings is meant just as a method for users to see how their ratings are evolving as they give the contest. We hope users will use this as motivation to solve more problems during the contest!


Nice !

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That’s a great addition
Really nice feature


Awesome feature.
Thanks for this great update.

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nice feature

i feel good to see it.

will my rating be affected if i entered to contest but didnt made any submission




that live rating showing at 180 min in graph will be the final rating after that contest?

180th-minute rating will not be the exact rating that you will receive, there will be a few submissions at the end of the contest, which will be considered in the final rating computation. That can cause some changes to your final rating.

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Awesome. Thanks for the update.

This is nice feature for check our abilities during contest and also we can check the problem is how much harder to other.

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Feature request: Currently all submission page has the next, previous button. It would be great to have a button to move to the last page of submissions.


Agreed and noted. Till it’s implemented - a hack you can do is modify the URL to have the page number be a huge number (say 99999) - that takes you to the last page.


I like this new feature.

great feature

very good feature
its helps a lotb

best addition

yup its really nice…