New Feature - Live Ratings

Yay, its nice feature! , it not only keep us motivated but also tells how you are performing relative to others for the same set of problems. :+1:

live rating is not visible to me in today’s contest ‘Starters 52’ even after 2 successful submission

Hi @the_satender, There was an issue at our end, the live rating graph will be visible from 9:30PM for START52C.

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What if I entered the contest and saw the problems but not made any submission; will my ratings get affected??

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You are considered to have participated in the contest only when you make your first submission.

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It’s very nice

Contest page should not be fancy. We can’t Focus on Solving Question Seeing Again n again rating.And New UI also Not Comfortable.

@omhardaha1 - you can click on this (-) to minimise the ratings graph during the contest


In the 3 day long contest if I solve questions at the end of day , mean very late to others , will it lesser my rating growth in live graph rating status or same as other’s rating growth?

In long contests, the time of submissions is irrelevant. You’ll get the same rank as others.

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really good feature.

Live rating never works for me

Even after the tournament, I cannot see my live rating.
I still have a provisional rating, does that makes you unqualified for a live rating?

Even I couldn’t see the live ratings chart today. Seems like a lot of users faced this issue.

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It didn’t worked for me too in the past 2 contests.

We had some issue due to which it wasn’t visible. Should be visible from the next contest.


bhai app se ek chij puchna hai.
app 4 star rating kya kar ke paye ho,
i mean sirf contest se rating increase hoti hai ya practice question solve karne se.

Ratings only increase/decrease after participating in a rated contest. Solving more problems in practice improves skills, and hence increases ratings.

very nice feature

eventhough the rating is calculated it takes time to get updated in ur account … for me usually it gets updated in the very next day