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I have learn theory concept but don’t know how to impliment in programming problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check the sample solution as all the solution in codechef are available.
For example if you are asked to implement sum of all element in an array the you will be given input format. Take the input, implement solution and print the result as asked in question.
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You can start with Hackerrank, it is more suitable for beginners. Along with it you can solve the questions in the practice section with a high no. of submissions

@vivekpunar1 First Try To Solve Some Easy Problems Like FLOW001 Problem - CodeChef This And Buid Up Some Confidence In You Like “How Am I Not Able To Solve This I Am So Good At This” And Then Go To Harder Problems Like You Did HS08TEST ← The One You Tried, Try To Understand Basic Programming Concepts Like Conditionals, Loops, Iterations, Ternary Operators You Will Be Able To Solve Problems And The Easiest Way To Solve Problems Is Divide And Solve Like In HS08TEST
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Make A int n In Code
Then Subtract 0.50
And The Process Continues… Try On Your Own And Do Not Accept Failure
I Tell You When I Started Competitive Programming I Was Also Confused So Dont Get Offened With Codechef Try To Solve “Kosish Karne Walo Ki Kabhi Haar Nahi Hoti” And Try Your Best
BTW My Solution:
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