NQT Infrastructure Readiness

i am unable to sign in TCS ion website with my gmail credentials.
i receieved email today morning to do to infrastructure readiness check but no id or password given nor did they provided such before(i checked my whole mail)
i clicked forgot password in TCS ion website.
it asked for ID, i tried with both email and CTXXXXXXXX reference ,
but no link sent via email or OTP.
Has anyone registered for NQT done it??


Same,did you gave codevita too?

Yeah.it has nothing to do with codevita though.
Its their technical problem

There was a query if you can help me with this please help
There’s a declaration in the next step portal
You have not attended the TCSL Selection Process in the last 6 months.
Do we have to select Yes or No as we have given codevita

I am facing the same problem. not able to reset the password. no link is sent via email. I tried emailing but no response.

Today I got the 2nd chance to sit for that irc test but again i am unable to login to my account.I had created my account using googe so when I try to i open the exam link with google, it shows not registered and when signing in directly, it shows invalid id password.


It’s happening to all of my friends including me. Are you able to open now?

I created my account with google and now today i’m unable to open my account for the IFC.

What is your problem which you are facing?

I created my account with google and now it’s showing invalid credentials while I’m trying to login for the Infrastructure Readiness Check.

i am facing same problem. i got second time mail but still it showing invalid user. anybody know what we can do now?

I have already mailed them again today, no response from their side. Mine is showing invalid user when trying to login with google.

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In mail they have mentioned the registration time that is 7 so many of us didn’t registered for that so its is the reason why we can’t able to take the test

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They mentioned that both registration step and IRC together can still be completed during IRC timing window indicated.

I missed the exam schedule for IRC exam which was supposed to be on Oct 10. How can I rectify this?

yeahh my time is also 7 but i hv been trying since 6.50 still it showing invalid user

i used my linkedin accound to signup,but when i used the same for login in irc it shows invalid user

is it opened?

Same thing happened to me yesterday.

I am trying to take the IRC test now. But it says login id or password is wrong though I am giving them correctly.