[Official] April Lunchtime 2020 - Post-contest discussion - Live stream sessions

Hey all,

We plan to have two informal live streams with the panelists of April Lunchtime 2020 discussing the problems from the contest.

The details are as follows:

  • Agenda:
    Discussion of LTIME83 problems

  • Session Panelist:
    Rajarshi Basu

  • Date-Time:

    • Session 1:
      26 April (Sunday)
      5pm - 6:30pm IST
      The easiest 4 problems of the contest will be discussed.

    • Session 2:
      27 April (Monday)
      5pm - 6:30pm IST
      The last 3 problems of the contest will be discussed.

  • To register:
    If you are interested just register by clicking on the “Going” button below the title of this post at the top. You will get notified with the Zoom meeting details 30 minutes before the session.
    We will also be posting the meeting details as an update on this post at the start of the session.
    Note: Entry to the Zoom session will be on first come first serve basis - limited to 100 seats.

  • Platform for video conferencing:
    Zoom Meetings
    Rest of the participants can join live on CodeChef’s YouTube channel , where the discussions will be parallely streamed.

If there are any specific queries that you have from these problems, please post them below after the contest, and we will try to answer them during the session.

[Session1-Update1] Zoom meeting details:

[Session1-Update2] Catch the live stream on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FWpJTqC40

[Session1-Update3] Kindly share your valuable feedback here: https://forms.gle/greddpe7ahdthDbn6

[Session2-Update1] Zoom meeting details:

[Session2-Update2] Catch the live stream on YouTube here:

[Session2-Update3] Kindly share your valuable feedback here: https://forms.gle/H4YXmMAyiY7kUR8r5


Problems are John Cena, I can’t see them!


it shows No data /

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problems are not showing


Problems are not visible.

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Problems are there

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the invisible contest

same here no problems visible

I can’t submit :confused:

I am not able to run on the compiler and also showing me nzec error and I think my code is fine as it works on other compilers.
note : I know I have to give custom input and I am giving it perfect
pls do something.


Which problem? Can you send a screenshot?

my code is right but i’m getting WA. I submitted it 7 times still wrong.
FFL div 2

Submitting the same code doesn’t change the verdict.


every time a different solution, approach is same only way of code is different.

Then, there must be flaw in your logic…try to think more.

and i submitted the solution of second question but it somehow got submitted in 1st one.

i’m pretty sure my logic is correct.

Must have clicked on the wrong link.