Plagiarism during long challenge!

Why was my post flagged? Now that the contest is over, you can verify that the solution to the challenge problem was somehow leaked since everyone at #20 has submitted the exact solution in C#: here you go.


Jesus first the video editorials in live contests and now this? One glance in all of their submission history can tell their cheating.
I hope they don’t make it unrated because of these stupid ppl. I’ve been trying to solve these for 10 straight days and I’m so close to 5 stars


Exactly! I’ve worked hard this time (especially for the challenge problem), and it demotivates a little if the rank list is compromised like this.


I request you guys to report this channel on youtube:

He has made video solutions of the problems before the contest ended… has more than 700+ views on all 3 videos of 1st 3 problems of div1…


Video editorials? These morons, why do they’ve to do this! No wonder so many 700+ scores this time :pensive:


yep this decreases moral of one who is doing all hardwork to get a single AC .but guys Plagiarism only help in these challenges not in real life interviews ,so keep your confidence high.


Completely agreed! Many people came out very far in the rank list time, some of the deserving ones got -ve rating including me.

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His name is joydip panda.

He has posted solutions in Hackerearth Circuits challenges too. There he was banned for 15 days. Now he started in Codechef . Oh my god. He always does this.

lol and bro congo now you are 5 star coder :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks bro <3


Plagiarism can be detected by Codechef right?

Yes, they’ll eventually be detected… I just wanted to know why did they flagged my post as inappropriate when cheating is what’s really inappropriate here :roll_eyes:

By the way, can you explain your solution to Cubic Virus?

Huh! You don’t have to worry about who/why flagged. As your link says, 4 to 5 people’s have involved in plagiarism. I suppose a post gets deleted if X number of people’s flags it (X can be 5, not sure).

I hope you know now :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you mean me?

Yes Abraham, that’s your name right?

Yeah. My code basically sorts a single dimension at a time. Each dimension has a 2D matrix representing the infected and non infected cells.

I sort these in such a way that i’th 2D matrix infects minimum in (i + 1)th 2D matrix. I couldn’t do this perfectly though.

I try out different permutations of dimensions (row-column-layer, column-row-layer, etc), to decide which dimension I should sort first. And find out which of these give the minimum infections at the end.

Thanks, that’s elegant. And, congratulations on the rank :slightly_smiling_face:

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Because you telling solution is leaked encourages other people to hunt for it and promotes cheating. Why not just email it to ?


If I recall, someone flagged your post as inappropriate to be shared during contest.