Plagiarism is increasing day by day

As I have seen that there are so many students who are working hard and giving his whole day to solve every single question. But due to some shit minded people there future seems in dark . These type of people who are increasing the plagiarism are really narrow minded. Or don’t have respect for hard worker. They are uploading videos on youtube. When I was solving question 3rd there are at most 200 people who have solved chefina swap and 100 people have solved finxor and there are at most 50 who go for cardgame. But now there are thousands of people have solved the same question in the next day. I think codechef should remove the long challenge from his rated contest. Otherwise codechef plateform is in danger. My suggestion to codechef keep only cookoff and lunchtime as his rated contest. And organise some rated competition in between.


Yes,they should make the long challenge unrated…some people have ruined the beauty of the long challenge


That’s why people are going to codeforces.


don’t worry codechef never listen to their user suggestions instead they create unbalanced round to stop plagarism. I make my mind to switch the platform !!!


well If codechef only hosts lunchtime and cookoff slow thinker like me will struggle a lot.As for cheating , there are cheaters everywhere even in mobile games there are hackers .But we do not stop playing them do we?Codechef has spoken of cheating in past and they are doing their job to keep contest fair.


Nobody is asking to ban the long challenges,just make them unrated as 10 days are more than enough to refactor the code.I believe long challenges should be for learning purpose,people should be rated as per short contests which eliminates a large portion of cheaters


and what if i would say that apart from keeping this challenge to be of 10 day, lets put a time limit of whatever parameter but put it for individual question also , that if u solve that question on that limit than only it would be counted for ur rank … Isnt that would help a lot on stop cheating ???,


Making all these threads is so very stupid. If you want to participate just for the sake of rating then simply don’t participate in long contests.
There are cheaters everywhere. N making long unrated is never an option. There are many students who have worked their ass off for 10 days and making it unrated is gonna be a big big demotivation.
Also increasing in number of submission doesnt necessarily means cheating. As the time passes eventually people get the idea and solve. This is also a reason in increasing number of solutions along with cheating.

Also all of us have seen how much capable is MOSS. So just have trust on it and jeep improving


@akash_musky …Yes ,even everbody was working so hard ,day and night to solve the question before this plagiarism started…Now, everything is runied up…The inner motivation is now gone too far away…We can only make by practising as hard as possible to compete but now it is also ruined up…
Codechef should take measures or completely remove the competion ,bro!!

I agree but bro the hard worker are not knowing there exact position due to the cheaters na. for beginner who solve question after struggling a lot and everbody is looking him as a cheater is not good . I am not talking about to discard this contest. but codechef should think about it. as there are so many scholars are sitting behind it.

Instead of unrating it one can make strict rules for the challenge.One idea can be restricting those user from submitting code after 2 days after initiation challenge who have not done any submission in starting 2 days i.e only does people can do submission in upcoming days who have submitted any solution whether wrong or write to any question.This will insure that only people who genuinely do and care for rating will only be left for further day of long challenge.

Absolutely bad idea. Working professionals also give contests on codechef and not only students. They get time in Weekend to submit. This way, they can’t even participate

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Ok but i said one just need to make one submission in starting 2 days whether right or wrong thats it .One can only 2 or 3 lines and submit one will be registered for further part.And also for your information long challenge starts
on friday of every month and weeknd wil be very close so it is possible.

U know what…whatever we suggest Codechef to do,they won’t bat an eye to their user’s views as they are more concerned with mass participation,for cheating purpose they only have a MOSS checker which doesn’t detect most of the cheaters,as cheaters are more clever than the MOSS checker as they get more than enough time to get themselves safe from MOSS.

yes brother and this is the last long contest that i will be giving …i think i will give codeforces contests now…people are shamelessly cheating bro …and i bet this is the reason that these cheaters do not participate in lunchhour and cookoff because they cant cheat in these contests…their brains dont work that fast…i m so dissapointed …these cheaters have no ethics…

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Yeah bro. I agree ! We can atleast report in the Youtube channel to avoid such content as Codechef doesn’t listen to user suggestions.

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This is your first long challenge. I respect your opinion but in no way the beauty of the long challenge is ruined. Believe me. Just focus on solving as much as you can and upsolving and learning afterwards. The problems are really nice. And that’s what people like about long challenges. It’s not about rating or anything but solving these beautiful problems and learning along the way.


Codechef must re-think about Plagiarism checker after content end. This is unfortunate that some students go for rating rather than full 10 days hard work. And this results in unfair ranking of true deserving students who give 10 days of thinking about solutions in late night, during bath, while eating, and sometimes dreams of codechef questions. Rating obviously gives some confidence, because we need some metric to measure our current capacity. At last, codechef must need to do somethings about this major issues.

Dont worry about Plagiarism. Codechef team has already addressed this issue and they are taking stricter actions. They are working on this but It will take time. We cant stop cheating in a week. I would recommend you to focus on solving as many problems in the long challenge as you can and upsolve and learn after the contest. For your confidence boost, I usually think of my rank as 1000 less than It usually is coz I assume 1000 cheaters got more points than me. Then for the next 20 days, I set off solving more and more problems so that I can overcome those cheaters in the next contest. That’s one way to give yourself a confidence boost and in the meantime let CodeChef do its job.


Focus on what you are learning from the questions not on what is going around … believe me if you will give the competition from the mindset of learning something then codechef long challenge is one of the best platform to do so … on codeforces all you need is logic building and good striking with maths but codechef give proper data structure based problem mostly… Otherwise you can waste your time in making excuses for plagrism and YouTube leaks and all.
it won’t give you anything else except anxiety and stress

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