Plagiarism on a totally new level!

Okay, now that the JUNE19 challenge is over, I would want to bring something to the notice of the admin and all the users of this website.
Designing a fast algorithm takes lots and lots of efforts. Day and night’s hard work, thinking, debugging, testing and what not. And then there are some geniuses, who come along and just
Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V
Here I am attaching a screenshot, which shows how a 2-star rated person, submitted 4 questions in less than 1 hour. And in 3 different languages. C++, Java, Python.
And they were not easy questions, they were questions that have been solved only by less than 1000 people.

Seeing this go on and no action taken by the site admin is disappointing for the others who stay up all night behind debugging one small ’ = ’ sign.

For God’s sake, and chef’s sake, make this stop. Speed up the process of MOSS test or whatever you use. Please!

Edit 1: Removed the screenshot after being pointed out that the person can still be searched.


And this is just one of the many I am seeing around me. It makes me look like a fool, when I am awake all night for past 2-3 days and others around me score more than me in no time, just before the deadline.

No. That it possible in an aspect . Even I try sometimes with different languages.


No that cannot be called plagiarism. I first started with Java then moved to C++ and python is a good language. A person can be skilled in multiple languages and I have seen many good coders submitting solutions for hard problems within 10 to 20 mins.


The person can still be searched by using his institute.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: true indeed

And country rank also

@techiehere08 :rofl::rofl::rofl:
But you cannot call this plagarism, even I do math and string based question using python, but for questions where I have to use advance data structures I use C++/JAVA many a time. JAVA in case when the input file is way too large. the input is much faster in JAVA compared to C++

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Yes bro u are correct , I also know five languages , it’s my choice in which language i submit my programme , or rhi baat copy krne ki , to muje nhi lagta ki koi chota function jo required ho (us time pe ) usme koi galat baat hai, aapke paas bhi net hai , app bhi try kAriye.


I am not calling it as an act of Plagiarism.

  1. Removed the screenshot all together after people pointing out that the person can be still searched.

  2. I still stick to the fact, it is plagiarism. For those who are not here, and are not seeing this happening around them, they can say all they want, but its happening right here.

absolutely agreed sir. I myself code in Java and use python3 for building neural nets.
And yes, i too have seen good coders submit solutions in 10 - 20 minutes.

But what you are missing is, you might not have such people around you. I do. I have been on codechef for over 5 years now. I myself introduced many people to it for their first time.

And I am SEEING it happening. RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES. And it makes me look like a fool when someone just comes along and makes it look like HE HAS DONE IT LIKE A PRO.

Oh, and they are smart enough to not submit the copied questions within unrealistic minutes, and other techniques to throw off any suspecting guy.

How do I know this? -> Coz I am seeing it<<endl;

Didn’t mean to hurt anybody, just wanted things to be faired.

Copying a function like GCD or Modular inverse is no big deal. I am talking about the whole code being copied sir.
And with it the hard work being skipped.

can’t call it plagiarism SIMPLY on this reason - AGREED!
can’t call it plagiarism even if you SEE it for yourself? - NOT SO MUCH!

I don’t understand what you mean by “I am seeing it”. Do you have some actual proof of plaigarism other than the submission times and using different languages?


If you call, knowing someone personally and what their skillsets are and see them doing this, a PROOF ---- then yes I do!

Apart from that, what can actual proof be?
When you copy a code, is any proof being copied?
Or you just match it with others and see the percentage of the match? What qualifies as ACTUAL PROOF?

Here you go, if you want to know how they found the code.

And one more! And just to bring to your notice, this was the toughest question on the JUNE - B division. I tried 7-8 different approaches over 12-14 hours only to get 10 points.
And here Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V gets 100 points in less than 2 minutes. And get a higher rating upgrade than me and many others.

This has been posted 1 hour after I made this post.

Not that any of these 4 solutions were the one I am talking about in my post, but it makes a good point.


Bro first of all if they copy exactly same code then CodeChef decreases 250 rating, but u say a person cannot submit the solution in different languages then you are completely wrong , you don’t know how much languages a person knows , if I submit the solution in different languages that means I cheat the solution, I didn’t agree , and u say that a 2 star coder submit 3 4 question , how’s that possible then , please see the rank list of almost every long challenge of div 2 always a Chinese coder of 1 or 2 star coder solve completely all the questions in a single submission, how he did??

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Yes, I totally agree with you. If the 2 star user just appeared in one or two contests, it is possible that he is a pro coder and has made new account on codechef.