Please make Jan Lunchtime rated

As you can see in the post present at this link. A large number of people want lunchtime rated. Please reply @admin.
There were no major issues during the contest compared to Jan Cookoff.


I too think it should be rated. The server issues in this once were not as severe as it was in January cookoff. Furthermore it was my second contest and i completed the first 4 problems very quickly and i thought that my ratings would increase drastically. And the most important thing, yesterday was my birthday!! and i spent 3 hours doing the contest just because i thought it would increase my rating. Now i know most people would say that ratings doesn’t matter and you should focus on solving the questions and all that stuff, but we all can agree that those 3,4,5 stars looks great, keeps us motivated to solve more and more questions and contributes towards your self-esteem.

Lastly i would just say that i now regret wasting my time on by birthday and will probably more my focus more to codeforces.


Yes should be rated

I just want to say that it is a competition , I understand issue was faced by us all due to traffic issue , but mind it , issue was faced by all there was no exception .I believe if issue faced by every participant then it is not a issue it is part of competition.
Lunchtime must be rated so that efforts of coders didn’t go in vain.

Yes you are right. This contest should be rated. Making the contest unrated is not the solution.