Preparation for SE , SES/DSE , PP Interview ( Hack with infy and INFYTQ )

There is no TPO in my college. Then how will they tell the result to me?

I got it from my tpo.
If there is no tpo then ask someone from your college who will be informed such kind of information.

Will infosys send result directly to me ?

did u recieved ur interview date? my interview got postponed… but i have not received the new date yet

mine interview was on 29 October and waiting for result now.

I have got SES profile through Hackwithinfy, I cleared the Infytq exam also will I get the chance to upgrade my profile to power programmer through the upgrade option in Infytq?

yes definitely :slight_smile:

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are you sure, as nothing about upgradation test was written in mail

it was mentioned in the mail that they will conduct the upgradation test surely :slight_smile:

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did you give your interview in march? I received my result through hackwithinfy(i have cleared both infyTQ and hackwithinfy) and there is no mention of upgradation test.

I am final year undergraduate (2017-2021). I want to know that will I be eligible for upcoming hackwithinfy or infyTQ 2022? Please answer guys, I have missed the exams this year.

I haven’t yet received interview dates for hackwithinfy. Is there anyone else in a similar position?

definitely not, brother

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yes I am also waiting for interview date for SES role through hackwithinfy

Edit: - M interview was on 28th Nov. Got the results on 8th Dec 2020 and I am selected :slight_smile:

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you will receive the offer letter

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How someone can know that she/he got rejected after interview??
Someone please tell…

Did you get your results ?
I didn’t get my results till now

Did you get your results ?

Bro, When can we expect offer letter for hackwithinfy selected candidates for ses/pp role. And how do they communicate through email or infytq website?

No idea