Preparation for SE , SES/DSE , PP Interview ( Hack with infy and INFYTQ )

Guys who all had written Infosys oncampus test which was conducted on hackerearth (3 coding questions ) for SES & PP/SP ROLES (5 & 8 LPA ) on 21st February or before , for discussions related to Interviews etc… Join this whatsapp group , let’s crack the interview by uniting :fire:.

For infosys ses and pp only interview experience you may use this link

i gave my ses role interview on 15 april and after few days i received a call asking do u have any notice period but till now i didn’t receive any mail Regarding interview results.

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Bro I recently had my Hackwithinfy exam and was able to solve only 1 problem and overall some of them got atmost 1.5 (partial)question correct or even less .Will I get SES Role(5lpa) .And how many days will it take to give the result.
Anyone reply?

same here

if you solve for more tha 70 marks than there are some chance of getting ses role interview

any lang

Guys who have given the hackwithinfy test on the first week of may.
Lets prepare for the interview… we should definitely crack the interview if we work with unity.
And there is so many things we should learn from each other. WhatsApp Group Invite

@ssrivastava990 bro let me know about the dsa section, the question that you mentioned would be enough of PP interview?
If not what sections should I focus on more?

They ask any-thing depends on interviewer , recently they ask graph question and one DP question ( print LCS of two strings with their indexes) , so prepare for worst case,

Ok thanks…
One more thing like after how many days should I expect the interview? After the final round or within a month? @ssrivastava990

Same goes for SES too? Can they ask graph colouring and all?

how much time they taken to interview you

How many interview rounds will be there for those who selected through hackwithinfy for DSE role?

one only

Even if they didn’t asks HR Questions , there is no second round?