Python 3 code always results in Runtime error: NZEC

I cannot get any python program to run
as soon as I do an input(), I end up with a NZEC. For example this 1 line program fails:

Error is
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./”, line 1, in
EOFError: EOF when reading a line

Can you please help me with this?

Just provide some input to the program

I’ve tried multiple problems they always result in NZEC
I’m using a template that is accepted by atcoder, codeforces and all, I’ve even simplified it as much as I could: as soon as I call input() I got a problem

There is somehow a problem with the python3 code runner: I’ve searched for some accepted python3 solution and submitted them, I’m again getting a NZEC

The only way for me to not get a non-zero return code is to not call input() which makes it very hard to solve a problem :wink:

Thanks for your help

Your code is most likely correct, but you are Running without Providing “Custom Input”.

Thank you @everule1that allows me to run the custom testcase: great

Nevertheless, when submitting I’m getting the runtime error again: is there a way to inspect the stacktrace or something about my submission?

Thanks again

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Are you trying to run the code in CodeChef’s IDE?
If so, select custom input and provide the input.

Else, please provide the code.

I managed to run the code with custom input (seems like a common mistake), but without touching the code, I just click on submit with the same code and get the NZEC

Are you trying to run the code on CodeChef IDE? Or are you submitting to a problem?

You are submitting your submission for COVIDLQ, on COVID by mistake.

even i am facing same problem. solution:->put input part in try block
and in except block write random expression a=5 etc 100%works

what do you mean? sarthak_JaIn29

Solution: 40881992 | CodeChef can someone tell me why i am getting nzec error in this code…