Questions regarding ICPC(2019)

Here are some of the problems faced by me while registering for the ACM ICPC (Gwalior-Pune Region) 2019:

  1. The payment for the online round is to be done by the coach or anyone of the member can do it?
  2. If we pay through NEFT as mentioned during registration, how will they recognize that the payment was done for my team?
  3. Is the coach expected to create a team through his Official/Institutional email id or any non-official email id will do?
  1. As far as i know , the payment should be done by the Coach .
  2. I don’t know much about the NEFT .
  3. If the coach has already registered the teams for ICPC last year then it will be very easy if he uses the same Email Id

So what payment method did you follow?

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I still have to decide it . Registrations are yet to be started in my college .

For pune region they say they’ll update the payment details but till then if you have paid using NEFT you have to fill a form after you made the payment (form link from here:

They did not mention who has to make the payment.
How will I get the confirmation that the payment is received ?

This is really unprofessional…

Also they don’t even reply to any emails…

It would be helpful if someone who did this before tells us how this works…


@vijju123 @admin Can you please look into the matter and update us with relevant information. Only few days are left and still no proper way to pay fees for Pune-Gwalior region.

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How do they confirm that the payment you did was for your team only ?

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No idea. I have emailed them regarding this. Got No reply.

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@hetp111 When did you pay? I sent the payment today at around 3 pm and filled the form. Wondering when they will update my team status as accepted Q.Q

Just checked and my team status is accepted.
I paid it on 23.


I’ll ping you regarding this in fb tomorrow . I hope I won’t disturb you!

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You paid via neft or online payment??? Do you received any email of confirmation

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Went to the bank for payment. But I think neft can be done online.
No email confirmation.


Please tie your input output @anon55659401 XD
Execute in sequence.
Meaning ? I will explain you on PM.

I have just registered our team for icpc with coach but not yet paid the fee . Though we have registered with updated team names we received mails from sites with our older team names . Can this be sorted out while paying fee ?

Please reply to this @vijju123

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

No idea myself. You will have to get it sorted from them or if someone else here knows XD.


Can anyone please give the link for payment to Gwalior Pune site?

pay it through neft and fill the form given on pune website, payment info is on baylor site under billing.

After the payment you need to fill a form mentioning the details of ur team.
refer to point (5 )of

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Is it mandatory to have a passport to participate?
I’m facing a problem there.