Regarding Plagiarism done by me during the Codechef Long Challenges

Please hear me out.
I was finding it exceptionally funny/amusing/problematic until now that a person could so easily copy and plagiarize someone else’s code and just submit their version of the code without any repercussions.
Following that tradition, I started off with copying a users code in the April 2019 Long Challenge and got a lot of points and that graph kept going up and down until I saw a mail today (read it late) that his and mine’s ranks were dropped because of it. I felt extremely guilty regarding the same and also looking at the reports being done on codechef discuss as well which made me think of putting this apology forward.
Another motivation being; I personally find the codechef system broken because, I even have plagiarized/copy-pasted each and every question in the recent September Long Challenge 2020 from a few Github Profiles that post solutions during the middle of the competition and have still gotten a huge rank boost this time.
I am scared to post this but from a good samaritan perspective, I find it extremely wrong that this is occurring and I wish this is resolved immediately even if this means my rank going down.

P.S. I am willing to answer any question regarding this to help the codechef team out. I sincerely apologize for my actions.