Slow Judge on Codechef

The submission queue in a short contest, ideally, should not be more than 15 or 20 seconds.
But here we have Codechef, whose submission queues are sometimes over 10 minutes during contests.

I mean Codechef has to step up its game. Otherwise it will soon become irrelevant (which it already is in the path of). Codeforces is highly recommended.


Same happening with me in the ongoing contest. My submissions are being Queued from last 15 minutes.

same happening here…Almost half an hour and showing submission queeud


It is very sad to see that in a contest of merely 500 participants its lagging.
On the other hand codeforces handles 20K participants so smoothly


same here , and lol i was thinkin my internet is down…
but still , its irritating as hell


Please rectify the issue
it generally does not take this long

10 minutes still waiting for judge :frowning:
btw questions are good.


16 minutes and i have no idea how long it will take

Hanging for me in practice mode also

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Same case with me also
About 45 min and showing submission queued

maybe its an error from server side

I am not feeling like giving the contest any further now… It is taking more than 30 minutes to get the verdict of a solution. Really pathetic.

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Contest duration is of 2 hours and its taking 30 mins to judge a single solution.

And meanwhile I was thinking something is wrong with my code. LOL…
Please rectify guys.

@admin Kindly look into it

Same case with me also

i first thought this is due to my internet speed… idk why it is taking time we don’t have much participents.

One of the reason why CodeForces is better then CodeChef. Thank God, the contest is not Rated.


It is a feature of codechef.


from last 30 min my submission for problem 3 is on queue. I am leaving this contest