Submission taking more than a HOUR!

it took 20 minutes to submit!!

@admin @vijju123 Please extend the contest till all solutions get judged.

they needed to extend the time not only for all submissions . i need to submit more.

its 30mins now


You had 10 days bro! why are you submitting at last moment?


Not able to submit solve this issue fast

submissions judged smooth on other days why wont on last day then ? :unamused:

Because everyone comes to submit at last moment. At usual days we get <20 submissions per minute, but at these hours number of submissions per minute becomes >60 per minute. Thats more than 1 submission per second!

@admin is trying to do what he can. Extension wont be given.


bro as they should consider the worst case on submissions too na . they should scale up servers when they had huge submissions.

There are issues/constraints with this as well. Else it’d had been already done :stuck_out_tongue:

cant imagine when they will get AC.

What’s the benefit of increasing the AC count? :confused:


To get more green

bro its our wish to submit whenever we want…lot of people make last day submissions

I just solved the problem, waiting for results

With less than 1.5 hr left for the August Long Contest to end, this is not the time for such kinds of problem to occur :expressionless:

@admin please look into the matter

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Even i Do last day submission most of the time so it’s the platform issue not the users!!


I know this issue of codechef that’s why i do “second” last day submission if required but not last :laughing:

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To everyone complaining about long judging times, you had 10 days to do it. Its like you had 10 days for homework and now you’re in line on the last day with other late students blaming the teacher for not checking fast. If the judge’s speed was acceptable to you during the last nine days, it should be acceptable to you now.
Edit: The judge’s speed hasn’t decreased on the last day, but the queue is bigger. If someone must be blamed for your wait, blame the users ahead of you in queue who waited till the last day like you.