Submitted a fully accepted question , got partial accepted on profile

I recently was practicing remaining questions from “December Long Challenge 19”, I submitted Sticky Notes in single attemp(after contest , in practice section). But on my profile, it shows up in Partially accepted solutions section instead of “Fully accepted Practice” section.
Why is that? Did i do something wrong here?
I did get 100points for submission tho.

This is a long known issue (bug) that CodeChef is having. Many users have also encountered this problem. Devs are working on it but it is yet to be fixed.

See this thread: Fully solved problems showing "partially-solved"?

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This is common problem which many user are facing including me also :sweat_smile:
In my profile there are lot number of partially solve question but that are only because of that bug​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::slightly_smiling_face:

People should at least search the fourm for your question, it may have already been asked.

I’ve seen this thread a hundred times probably.

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Not only that, It also count same problem twice…Check out the attached image for details & prof.

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