Tactics to help you get 300 Laddus every month... Easily :p

I have finally realized the intensity of the problem. I myself joined cp (and cc) due to the laddus and prizes being awarded by codechef. How many more people must be wanting those laddus badly then?
However, you need to reach to the top (which is a lot of hard work) to get any award, which requires a lot of dedication blah blah.

Then…How do I win somehow? Idea! Exploit cc’s generosity (or compassion/motivation) for school students!
Yes! Just register as a school student, and your work is effectively done! You get special status as a school student, and get (nearly) free laddus every long/ltime.

I kept thinking of this, and decided to put my detective hat on. Let’s dive right into my findings

Rank 1 is authentic. No complaints.

Rank 2 @gjaisawal108 is interesting. His profile shows a ~22 year old person in the selfie. This got me thinking… Lemme run a google scan (Google is the real detective TBH)!

Wow. Same name, same face same handle maybe?
He’s in an engineering college!!!
The first and third clues can be arguable (tho they reduce the search space) but the second is clear evidence of cheating!
@vijju123 Here’s the first culprit. Dont send laddus, send police :laughing:

I now, my rank comes up one place in the list. I’m currenly rank 4 :partying_face:
But, how do both rank 2 and 3 have same score? That to with a relative difference of 0 in the challenge problem. Kuch tho gadbad hai!

@codingalways Quite amusing name isn’t it? For the fact that his linked profile has a name ‘Alive’. Now come on! Which school student would want to link that sort of name? Very funny right?
Lets see his submissions.
Ah! So his name is indrajit Sinha (if he thought less about credits for his code, and more about his hidden profile, it would have saved him)
Run google search on indrajit sinha. Some actors, buh! Lets add suffix ‘codeforces’. Okay, now I see some pple with the same names. But wait https://codeforces.com/profile/indrajit
the address on this is the same as the address on the codingalways account! Interesting… Lets go down further, whats this! There’s an indrajit sinha who’s a ccdsap qualified programmer!
Lets view his account. https://www.codechef.com/users/indrajit1
Wow! 6* coder. My dream position on cc!
Lol. Same address here again. Okay, it says he’s from a college, so we’re getting close now. But no definite claims made currently, as evidence is not solid enough.
But we have to show vijju that we are right! Lets dive into his JAVA sols (his C++ template is different sadly).
Wow. The same comment (excluding the name) is at the top. This is clear evidence that he’s the same person!
@vijju123 Send him our best wishes from discuss forum. Julien day school (the school name on codingalways acc) is so so unbelievable.

@dani_dino Are you sure youre a school student? Invitation to CodeChef September Mega Cook-Off 2018!? Shows you were interested in getting reimbursements for icpc. And why do I see @codingalways comment directly above your comment? Seems like you guys have a connection…

Want more? Keep waiting, im doing another investigation!

Also, @admin Please demand for id card scans before registering any student as a school student.


Now, @admin please don’t remove school student prizes (like the scrapping of laddus for karma). I really could use those laddus :stuck_out_tongue:


Now, wait! @karangreat234, how did you solve bacrep in 1 shot, given that you have lots of u1, u2, u3 merged in your code? Why would someone add that “just for fun”?

Some (advanced) google search gives me this

Edit : I am accusing you!


Completely unverified stuff, but Mr. Watson gives me the following clues on this situation

  • icekills7
  • karangreat234
  • sdertyu234
  • supercool7
  • firex_x123

All belong to one person.
WARNING : The above information is not verified. There might be disparities. It’s just some findings of mine and Watson.


That is so true. I don’t why such people even exits here on Codechef. So what happens when a new user join codechef…he/she really thinks that @karangreat234 is really great and is god of discuss due to his so called coding abilities called abilities to reply on everything in discuss. People listen because they thinks that “6 star kaise galat Ho skata hai”.

Harsh Truth :-

Common people - They work hard for 10 days to get to the solution.

@karangreat234 - He works day and night to gather solution from all over the world. And finally for last 5 days he works hard to beat Codechef MOSS.


ranks should be updated for some 3-4 contests in last 2 months in which parthkohli participated

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Some people would be homeschooled(not me) also how would they upload id card.

For rest I believe this is the best way to track down fake accounts


There are other official documents that cc can demand. CC is very flexible, and we expect it to be flexible in this case too…

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but people won’t improve they would get fake id cards or other documents asked for made

I think they can ask for aadhar or some other card to get DOB

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I’m just curious , why the animosity toward @karangreat234 , is it warranted by some previous incident ?

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Bro, now i am very sure that these two codes written by same person. there are lots of lines that are matching.


@dani_dino Are you sure youre a school student? Invitation to CodeChef September Mega Cook-Off 2018!? Shows you were interested in getting reimbursements for icpc. And why do I see @codingalways comment directly above your comment? Seems like you guys have a connection…

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** sweating intensifies **
what motivates you to undertake all these investigations ?
Was it you who posted the big detective thing under the post of someone who claimed he got caught during MOSS due to Ideone ?

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Time pass?

Ah! That one (the college students one right?) Yes!


Salute to this guy, he is a great detective.


Yes that one,
Salute to you indeed :joy:

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@gjaisawal108 this guy is from http://www.mmmut.ac.in/ collage . One of the most famous college of Gorakhpur.

“After the recent exposed scandal of @parthkohli, I finally realized the intensity of the problem. I myself joined cp (and cc) due to the laddus and prizes being awarded by codechef.”

What is wrong with you? Please, once and for all, stop trying to scandalise things. Looks like you did not read my response that I had posted in the other thread. Here, I post it for you again:

"Hi, I’m the user in question. This is is all a big misunderstanding on my part - there is no malice involved whatsoever. First off, since I’m not a school student, I had no idea about the existence of this special criterion for school students, and I’m deeply apologetic about that (I only knew that top X Indians receive laddus). With full disclosure - the only rule that I have knowingly violated is having multiple accounts (this is my secondary account, not primary one). I had a busier schedule than usual around September, and wanted to used a different account to casually participate (namely @parthkohli). The reason why I had my (ex) school instead of my college on the profile that I did not want to appear on the college ranklist (make of it what you will) and I believed that the only purpose of the linked organisation is in filtering.

However, I just looked at my rewards and it turns out that I was awarded based on my school rank, not Indian rank. Since this is only a throwaway account, and I don’t care about the rewarsds anyway, I’ve requested deletion of the account along with the rewards. Also, OP, please consider privately messaging the admin and/or me instead of posting it on public discussion."


What you did was legally wrong. It did cause some outrage. Its also morally wrong as you entered the wrong year of graduation during signup (maybe, idk for sure)

You could have left college name blank. Don’t justify bullshit!

The term scandal doesn’t speak about your intentions. Or at least, I didnt speak of it…


Please verify your claims. You’re not allowed to leave your organisation name blank on CodeChef.

Also, I’ve already gotten my account deleted, along with the rewards that I wasn’t going to use anyway. One day, you’ll realise that people have more to gain out of CP than rewards on some random platform. I wish I thought like that, but I don’t.

Nope, it’s mostly just you, man. Admin and I sorted out the issue long back, but you just can’t let go. Clear your head for a bit.

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