TCS Codevita 2020 results announced

Yes. I think so. Because there are more peoples in the list are from 1st, 2nd, 3rd year. So they are not eligible for interview.So, if your name present in the list, then there will be a higher chance to get interview call.


Bro I m not sure this time , bcz corona changes everything , hope u will get interview call , I also try to make a blog / article on how to prepare for tcs codevita .

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Also write about process of last year.

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Yes bro please do it as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.

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Those who wanna prepare I would suggest same blog - “Here” for core cs subjects , I will make another blog in 2 3 days.


i got pp offer from infosys recently . can you tell me when joining start , in jan or june ? @ssrivastava990

from which batch 2021 ?

yes @ss

bhai idhar khud ka nhi hua :rofl: , wait u will join after june 2021 tab tak keep coding .

congratulations :slight_smile:

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How many Students get qualified for 2nd Round??
Answer Plzz…

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14k +

How did u get intern offer from amazon , as ur CC profile says u r from IIT-B , so on campus or referal ?

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My Rank is in 7k… am I qualify??

wait for sometime , if u r in final year then high chances .

I am in BCA 2nd year😶

then u r eligible for second round but not the interview call .

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I also solved 3 questions but my rank is 244.

I think time spent on each submitted question and wrong submissions are being taken into account while calculating rank.

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did you remember name of your questions that you have solved ? @code