Got ninja offer. what about you guys?

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Do you know about exact package for Ninja?

It’s around 3.5 - 4 LPA in hand.
And I think most of the candidates got ninja offer.


anyone from hyderabad received mails?

How does this 3.5 - 4 LPA varies? I mean this 50k? Capgemini offering 3.8 LPA this year. Yes from my college 40 students got Ninja, 8 got Digital.

Congrats :partying_face:


I got digital offer.


Congrats bro! Please tell about your interview experience and rank.

Bro what is ur rank?

My rank was 3**, still didn’t get the offer :sweat_smile:

Great brother :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

My rank was under 300.

Why bro? :fearful: What went wrong? Can you share your experience? @itsabi_z1

I think there are many reasons:

  1. They made me wait for 2.5 hr for a 20min interview which made me very agitated.
  2. All the panellist were in too hurry. They just wanted to finish the interview asap.
  3. Also there was some network issue with one of the panellist. Which made the whole experience even worse.
  4. They did not discuss my projects or even the codevita solutions, all the questions they asked were very simple which I answered.
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is there any other rounds of interview to get offer for digital or it is the final result?

hey can you please share your interview experience and codevita rank?

hey can you please tell us your interview experience and rank?

congrats ! can you share your interview experience and rank?

Did anyone got the TCS offer letter or know the expected date to get the letter.

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Hey I got 8k rank in codevita but still I got no mails regarding interview. But some 10k guys got interview results too. Am I rejected? Or will they interview me?:sweat_smile: