TCS Codevita Interview process and CTC/Package related dicussion

Can anyone please explain me in detail about the Interview process after clearing Codevita Round 1?
I have been selected for interviews but I don’t know anything regarding the whole hiring process like Job Description, the number of Interviews, types of interviews, CTC for each Interview level,etc.

It would help me and lot others if any past participants, current TCS employees or anyone who knows alot about this can explain these points.

Thanks in advance


These helped me during my time🙂

You can always refer to Indiabix or GFG for interview experiences. Also, GFG is a huge hub for computer geeks.

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You got mail? What was your rank?

I received mail from by college that I have been selected.

Do you know the CTC/Packages?

When is your interview?

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I have been confused today so much, guys are saying they got interview tomorrow their college told so, then some are saying college shared the list of selected students, and here I am who know nothing. :frowning::frowning:
Someone is saying there is another filter based on code quality, now idk what is even happening and what to believe upon, smh.

I’ve been working at CTS for almost 2 years. But during my college days, TCS did an off-campus drive. Salary was around 3 lacs in 2018.

Just providing here the links to help you :slightly_smiling_face:

They are recruiting from top colleges and those colleges with which they have bond.

What is ur college name, my rank is 2632 and from tier 3 college, will i get call

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So I am going to be considered at the end if they have openings left :frowning::frowning:

I don’t know. They haven’t scheduled it yet. They sent a list of shortlisted students.

Well they can’t Schedule all the Interviews at once so they are probably going zone by zone. For my college, we just received a mail with shortlisted candidates.

Okay Thank You @bal_

Even my clg is kind of Tier 3. my rank is around 4K

from my college till 10000 rank holders are getting call if from computer science background

That is which idk but I will say do not wait for TCS and call your T&P ASAP.

In my college 9 of them qualified for round 2 but 6 of them got the interview call and the interesting point was someone with 12 k rank was preferred over a 8 k rank. Does anyone know how they have shortlisted the candidates?

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I just had one face to face round tech+hr, two/three tech, and one hr interviewers were there. Some people had two different rounds for tech and hr but not more than that. last year CTC for ninja profile was around 3.36L-3.38L if I remember correctly. And everyone who solved at least one problem in codevita got interview calls.

What were they asked? Please share your interview experience