TCS Codevita Interview process and CTC/Package related dicussion

was hr round combined with tech round ?
did they verified your documents /marksheets at time of interview ?

Guys are they making us write code on a shared screen as in a coderpad interview or is it not possible because of virtual interviews?

The code is to be written on notepad with screen sharing on.


Ok thanks brother

They asked for an ID proof during my interview, I had to get a pic clicked with ID proof.
Nothing else tho.

Bro it was great …Let me share some insights with you guys:
There was two guys one is for HR round(happens in last 10 mins) and one for technical(for 15 mins)
first Interviewer: Tell me something abt yourself
me: given my intro
first Interviewer: asked abt my projects
me: explained
first Interviewer:asked one coding question (gave m basic pattern and ask for writing the code for same)
me: did it well
first Interviewer: asked abt ML Ai Dl & difference bet them
me: explained
HR asked me how many years do u have gap bet 12th and my graduation & other basic questions(non technical)

Hope this helps:)
thats all


Yesterday my interview happened
first question is introduce yourself and then tell me about your project I explained it then asked about oops concepts in c++ then primitives datatypes then encapsulation in c++ and then difference b/w char and varchar and then what are the datatypes used in creating the table then she asked me about difference b/w implements and extends in Java then hr round
In HR round he asked about finance minister of India then CM of Punjab and which party he belongs to then about my CPGA and then hobbies and interests then who is your role model then
about relocation and then about TCS and then about my achievements


My rank was 2k and i am from PICT(Tier 2), so i recently interviewed and they literally didn’t ask me anything technical that might be because of rank/college/interviewer.All three interviewer were asking me situation based question like what if we gave you a task on new technology, how will you handle that situation. And HR asked about relocation, night shift etc.


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Anyone knows how are they selecting students for digital role? I mean most of the experiences I have read just mention one interview, but till last year they used to forward the candidates to another interview round for digital role but what about this year?


@persitent6003 I think there is only one interview this year. They will decide ninja or digital profile based on the Codevita round 1 rank + interview.

Ok brother

Thanks for the detailed Interview experience.
Did you get an Offer ?

Thanks for the insight. Did you get any offers ?

Thank You for sharing your experience. Have received a offer or any mail after that?

Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you get an offer ?

Not yet!!

Okay Cool


Wht is the coding question? pls elaborate