Thanks to CodeChef | Infosys to Microsoft

Hey CodeChef community, I would like to share that I got an SDE offer from Microsoft and will join on 30 May.

I am very much thankful to CodeChef, bcz of this platform I get to learn many things and made some awesome friends.

Thanks, CodeChef for the awesome platform @admin

Also, thanks to @admin @ssjgz @galencolin @everule1 @carre @cubefreak777 @l_returns and to every people who help me whenever I am stuck in code, even if I asked / or will ask dumb doubt the discuss section is always ready to help me.

Thanks again :purple_heart:

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Will share many interview experiences from the last 12 -13 months and a detailed journey.


Congrats man! Way to go!

Thanks bhai @cubefreak777

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Congratulation Bhai :slight_smile: (Referral ka jugad hogya :wink:)

Congratulations @ssrivastava990 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
All the best :smiley:
Really happy to see you there :slight_smile:, well deserved!